Overwatch review

Perfect games don’t exist, I always said that and Overwatch doesn’t change that opinion. Every once in a while, it doesn’t even happen every year, a developer brings out a game that deserves a maximum score. Is that the case for Overwatch? Let’s find out in this review!

Developer: Blizzard
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Size: 10 GB
Price: Full price
I played Overwatch 15 hours before writing this review,  we bought the game and did not receive a review code



  • Large diversity with characters, Overwatch launched with 21 different characters. Every single character plays toally different, they are roughly split into four classes.
  • Teamplay is important for winning matches, the dynamic possibilities between characters is almost endless. It’s insanely fun playing with friends and working together with for example Reinhardt and Bastion or Pharah and Mercy.
  • Incredible well designed maps, you always know where the fight is and everything is full with tiny small details about the playable characters.
  • Play of the Game and the aftermatch vote cardsystem is a great system to get (deserved) recognition.
  • Customizing your characters is really fun with the loot boxes that you get with leveling up. (you can also buy loot boxes) giving you new voice lines and cool looking skins.
  • You can spray a tag with pressing up on your controller, of course you have many different emblems making sure that you can bring your personality in game.
  • What an awesome sound, seriously. Just one word really, eargasm. Everything sounds perfect.
  • Blizzard managed to perfectly balance each and every character. Sure, some ultimate abilities are really, really powerful but that’s the nature of the game.


  • More game modes would have been welcome.


Score: 100% | Overwatch is a game that people will still play in 2040, its so much fun and well designed that it really deserves a maximum score. Each and every character has personality and play like a dream, even more when you play it with friends. Buying this game is somethign that every gamer should do, GET IT NOW!