TurnOn Review

A cute little electric alien from TurnOn has crash landed on Planet Earth and destroyed a power station. The cause? The entire city is without power. Can you imagine the panic? Luckily that same unknown friendly creature is on a mission to restore the power so everyone can play TurnOn again, let’s find out in this review if that’s worth it!


  • Movement is really simple, you move the alien with the analogue stick and move up with A and B to jump down. It couldn’t be more easy.
  • It’s a great relaxing slow paced experience, calming you down after playing a hectic online game like Overwatch or Halo 5 Guardians.
  • The level and art design have a very charming feeling, you can really see that the game is made with love.
  • For me, it made me realise how much we depend on electricity. The developers got inspired by Earth Hour (you know, that WWF event when some people turn of all lights for an entire hour) and now they inspire gamers. (Thanks Brainy! Seriously!)
  • The relaxing gameplay walk hand in hand with a perfect soundtrack, TurnOn features great music!
  • Achievements shouldn’t be a reason for buying or not buying  a game but I really, really liked how they used the system. Every level has a few achievements making sure you stay motivated for playing.
  • You get an indescribable feeling turning on light sources in a dark environment, making it a very addictive game.


  • While the music is spot on, I wasn’t a fan for the background audio. I frequently had the impression that things happening on screen had a cheap sound.
  • I had a few graphical glitches, nothing game breaking.


Score: 86% | Developer Brainy did some incredible things with TurnOn, it is not an easy task making something with so much personality.  Even better, I hope more people like me will get inspired and question some things in life.

Developer: Brainy Studio
Publisher: Brainy Studio (ID@Xbox)
Size: 10 GB
Price: €14,99
I played TurnOn 5 hours before writing this review,  we received a review code from the developer. (Thanks!)