Mystery Castle Review

Meet Monty, a cute purple wizard that needs to survive 180 different puzzle stages. Lately, it’s raining all kind of puzzle games on Xbox One, that’s a good thing of course but not all of them are fun to play. In Mystery Castle’s case, your hard earned money is well spend. Find out why in this review¬†from Mystery Castle.


Developer: Runestone Games
Publisher: Runestone Games
Size: 304 MB
Price: 10 euro
I played Mystery Castle six hours before writing this review, LifeisXbox received a review code from the developer.



  • Developers that make adventure puzzle games normally don’t put much effort into the story, Mystery Castle really tries making you like Monty with a funny and original storyline.
  • Monty needs to navigate small stages and collect five coins before the exit point opens, that sounds easy but the developer made some perfect balanced puzzles for all ages. Featuring hidden passages, lots of enemies and moving heavy boulders.
  • Really funny conversations (shame that they aren’t voiced) that give you a motivation to continue.
  • You’ll have enough content for a few fun and mind training hours, with 180 levels.¬†With boss fights and frequent new gameplay features.


  • Moving Monty can be a little hard sometimes, it has a small delay that can cause you some unexpected retries.
  • Graphics are colorful but very blurry. Characters are pretty fine but the levels could have used some extra creative touches.
  • While the conversations are awesome, the dozens of fat jokes can become a little repetitive


Score: 75% | Mystery Castle is a worthy time consumer for Xbox One gamers, with balanced puzzles and funny written dialogue. It’s not going to be an unforgettable experience but it will surely give you a good time, exploring and finding solutions for original puzzle elements.