Super Night Riders review

Super Night Riders is a retro racer with motorbikes, made by just one French guy. Let that not fool you, Xbox One has a few pretty good games made by one guy. But is Super Night Riders one of them? Let’s find out in this review!

Size: 246 MB
Price: $10
I played Super Night Riders three hours before writing this review, LifeisXbox received a review code from the developer.



  • Super Night Riders is clearly inspired by old videogame racers, my Pole Position (Namco) memories came back while playing the game.
  • The game requires your full concentration, beating the counting clock with high speed gameplay brings excitement that you don’t have with other racing games.
  • Soundtrack


  • It’s a shame that avoiding other motorbikes¬†doesn’t require skill, you just need to memorise the patterns.
  • Visuals are very repetitive, I did like the art style though,more variation would have been welcome.
  • Visuals aren’t the only thing that’s repetitive. Sadly the gameplay becomes rather dull after a few stages.
  • Some annoying frame rate stuttering that cause distraction and¬†frustration.
  • $10 isn’t much in today’s gaming industry (on consoles) but it’s still a little on the expensive side for what you get.
  • The motorbike sound is simple terrible, I think it’s a recording from a¬†vacuum cleaner.


Score: 31% | Super Night Riders is only for gamers¬†that want to experience old school racing videogames. I really respect the developer making the game alone but that can’t be an excuse. GunWorld 2, Thomas Was Alone and Dust: An Elysian Tale proof that one person developers can bring out good games too.