Nevermind Review

Review Nevermind | The greatest enemy is the one inside your head. What a great quote to describe Nevermind, this horror thriller game from developer Flying Mollusk is something with insanely high potential, let’s find out in this review if it’s worth buying.¬†

Nevermind can be really creepy


  • Nevermind starts strong with a great story concept, you are a new doctor hired by an institute to cure people with a mental trauma. You can cure them by literally invade a patients mind. Rediscovering memories so patients can overcome their depression or trauma. It’s one of the main reasons why i kept playing Nevermind, it’s always interesting to see what is “wrong” with the patient, be warned though, you will definitely witness some strong emotional stuff.
  • You never know what’s behind a door or corner, you come across spooky forest and minutes later you are in a creepy tunnel with weird noises and scary¬†mannequins (Gosh I hate mannequins). The developer didn’t mind using some unrealistic effects, at one moment you’ll see the rooms spin and take all kind of impossible angles. Oh and by the way… I never knew that a cow bust could be that freaking¬†frightening.
  • Nevermind is never really too scary, it doesn’t have many jump scares but it still manages to give players an on the edge feeling. Each level slowly builds up tension towards a grand finale, my favorite level was the second one, it had such a powerful quote that I don’t think ill ever forget it. Feel free to avoid the following sentence if you don’t want a small spoiler but the moment I heard “What is daddy eating” I had shivers everywhere.
  • The sound atmosphere is perfectly made for Nevermind,¬†intriguing sounds that spook the hell out of you ¬†and an enjoyable soundtrack that¬†accompanies you while playing. Thumbs up for the sound guys on this one!
I don’t think you’ll be doing any romantic walking in this forest

Mixed Feelings

  • The game is clearly made for a feature that is missing for Xbox One,¬†biofeedback functionality. The Windows and MAC-version have this but the Xbox version not. Developer Flying Mollusk regrets this, but mentioned in a press note that this is beyond their control. It is¬† technically feasible so they will try to include it in the future but for now Xbox gamers will have to do without. Don’t worry though, the game is still pretty good without it.
  • Nevermind isn’t the longest game on Xbox and the developer tried to fix it with some level¬†replayability. I have a love and hate relationship with that, I love the fact that you have some replay value but why couldn’t they let up collect the collectibles from the beginning? It makes little sense to me why we can only collect them on a second play through.
Smeagol, is that you?


  • Performance issues really destroys some¬†anxious feelings while playing Nevermind. With some scenes the frame rate really drops¬†considerably low.
  • Each new patient is very interesting but I missed some kind of deeper meaning. It’s not very coherent,¬†Nevermind had the potential to be so much more but it’s a little halted by a nonexistent background story or strong characters.
  • Lame puzzles, yeah that sounds harsh but I have no other words to describe the incredible easy puzzles from Nevermind. Such an original story concept and such creativity for making patient cases, it’s a real shock to see that the gameplay puzzles are so soulless and frankly boring.


Score: 71% | Psychological thriller games with some slight horror parts are pretty rare on consoles. It was a stressful blast to play Nevermind on Xbox One. It’s a shame it comes with some negative parts too but overall I can recommend getting this game.