Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution Review

Review: Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution | The first new Xbox One game of 2017 (Deathtrap was available 30 december 2016), what an honor for indie developer High Tale Studios. But is it actually worth it, playing as squirrels and starting a revolution? Let’s find out!┬á

On this grid you place squirrel soldiers or defense barricades, you try to reduce the strongholds health to win.


  • The Revolution story and squirrel characters make the game stand out. You play as Charles and refuse to pay acorns tax for the corrupt king. As you have guessed, your task will be to fight against the corruptness and start a revolution. It’s an interesting take and provides some funny (in)accurate history-based storytelling.
  • The easy to understand turn-based gameplay makes it fun for everyone. While being easy you still have quite some depth and┬ádecision-making to do. Choosing what to place on the grid, an attacking squirrel or defensive barricade is a big┬ástrategic decision that could make the difference between defeat or win. Combining three similar items will make a┬ástronger one, so you will always need to consider placement. Another strategic factor is choosing to increase your damage output, increase your defense or repair your stronghold with acorns.
  • I’ll┬ádefinitely won’t say that Acorn Assault is a pretty game but the graphic style simply works. It has this cute charm around it that makes it hard not to love.
Great squirrel design makes it funny to play


  • It’s a shame that the good story concept comes with some mixed dialogue. They just don’t keep the story interesting and fresh, luckily some of the funny conversations and character design manages to keep it up right and standing. Oh.. and developers, please let up skip dialogue when we restart a level!
  • I understand that online multiplayer requires a lot of work and resources but Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution is a typical game that would be a blast to play online. What makes it even more painful, the Steam version has online multiplayer. You have local multiplayer but that doesn’t really make up for the missing online content that other versions have.
You shall not pass!


  • Right after the first boss, the tax man you get some of the most unfair gameplay I have played in a while. The second boss, The Gatekeeper places random defensive barricades and most importantly can┬ámagically fix them all too. It makes this second campaign level incredible lame and unbalanced, causing frustration and anger. My advice is to try to keep playing because after this stupid Gatekeeper part the game becomes fun again.

Score: 70% | Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution is a fun start of the year, the easy to understand mechanics makes it a perfect turn-based strategy game for every age. It’s just a shame that you can’t play it online.