Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

2017 has been a great year for fighting fans, another game that joined the fighting lineup is Marvel vs Capcom; Infinite.  In March the remastered Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was released on Xbox One, it is a little weird to see both of them release in the same year but Infinite is an entire different beast. Let’s find out in this review if that’s a good or bad thing. 


  • For the first time in this series, a story mode is introduced. Marvel villain Ultron and Capcom villain Sigma literally join forces to control all living organic life. Making things even more difficult, Ultron Sigma is in the possession of two Infinity Stones. The engaging story features some great Marvel and Capcom team ups, action packed cut scenes and helps you with getting familiar with all the faces. It doesn’t take long before you reach the end but I’m glad to see some time and effort for single player content. (kuch… Street Fighter V .. kuch)
  • Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite shines in one important factor, the battle engine is absolutely fantastic and you won’t find anything similar. Incredible smooth, fast and powerful moves and with clever tactics that makes the online battles fascinating to play.
  • Making the game even more newcomers friendly is the worthwhile mission mode that functions like a big structured tutorial. Each character has ten missions, letting you learn even the hardest to pull of combo’s. Positive about the battle engine is that you can easily find your own cool looking combo’s by combining two different Marvel or Capcom hero or heroines.


  • The fighting roster is impressive but at the same time a little disappointing too. Marvel vs Capcom fans will notice the disappearance of X-men characters (legal reason), Akuma, Doctor Doom and Felicia. Capcom seems to have something with the number four in Infinite, you only have four female characters and four brand new playable characters too. (Jedah Dohma from Darkstalkers and three Marvel characters: Captain Marvel, Gamora and Ultron) Besides a few missing favorites, the roster is diverse and some really play in a unique way. For example Frank West from Dead Rising fights in such a weird but fun way, throwing zombies and pulling out all kinds of funny weapons.
  • Marvel vs Capcom was never an easy game, you had three characters at the same time and building combo’s with them was hard but great to pull of. For Infinite things work a little different, making the game much more accessible for newcomers, for starters you only have a tag team now and the third character has been replaced by an Infinity stone. If you aren’t aware what Infinity stones are, this comes from the Marvel world and each stone gives the wielder great unnatural powers.  The battle mechanic is a lot slower and more tactical, less chaotic and less screen filling.  Question is, did they make it too simplifying? I’m leaning towards yes, previous fans will scratch their head a little but newcomers will enjoy the game a lot more.


  • I don’t understand it, with so much material you wouldn’t expect to see a cheap-looking inspireless game. The overall presentation screams boring and dull. Such a disappointing thing to see, the gameplay is fantastic but the visuals are simply bad. The developers didn’t seem to agree which direction to take because characters aren’t coherent, it just doesn’t match the origin design. Calling it a disaster is far-fetched, environments look pretty decent but human fighters seem to come from Barbie-world, it has this ugly plastic-look that makes them unrealistic.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite’s Infinity Stones powered gameplay is truly remarkable, gamers will absolutely love the fast and highly controllable battle engine. Not all is great, it is a big shame that the visuals look undercooked and that the presentation is extremely dull.