Little Nightmares Review

Review Little Nightmares | LifeisXbox was invited for the Little Nightmares launch party, so we got an inside look from a development person and afterwards we could play the game, in the dark with sound pretty loud at home. The way it’s meant to be played! So, what do I think about this new¬†fascinating¬†creepy game? Let’s find out in this review!¬†


  • The mix between the cute and creepy atmosphere is one of the stronger points from Little Nightmares. You are having fun jumping on a mattress, ¬†a few moments later you are facing a horror-character from your nightmares with seemingly endless arms. Having a little kid as a playable character, named Six is a neat concept to play. So playing with a orkest monkey doll or jumping on a bed is totally normal, we all want to unleash our inner child and Little Nightmares can provide that. You just have to take the creepy horror elements with it …
  • If you played Little Nightmares I’m 100% sure that you will remember Chapter 4, twenty years later. It is such a memorable experience. The game is full with visual surprises and fascinating visual set pieces. To be honest, every character is simply¬†unforgettable and will¬†haunt your nightmares.
  • If you are a regular visitor from LifeisXbox you know that I don’t like to compare games with other games. For Little Nightmares I have to break that rule, but for a very positive reason. The animations are from another level, just like INSIDE it is a pure joy to see the world and character in movement. Seeing how Six interacts with objects is fantastic, and I really want to say congrats to Tarsier Studios for providing gamers with such a high quality game.
  • That sound. I can still hear the insanely creepy music when Six isn’t doing something “good” that slight humming from unknown voices.. gosh … so freaking creepy. ¬†Same with the atmosphere sounds, just like the animation it’s way better than most other games. Tarsier Studios has done an excellent job giving players an¬†uncomfortable feeling and¬†genuinely scaring people, with sound alone.
  • Throughout the game you will never do the same things twice, constant switching between exploration, platforming, solving puzzles, and running away from¬†hideous monsters gives Little Nightmares a unique feel. I never got a repetitive feeling and I never wanted to let go from the game to play something else. It just totally sucks all your attention.
  • The disturbing look and beautiful visuals is another reason why Little Nightmares is a must play game. The physics from the game are outstanding, you quickly notice the subtle side-to-side swing in rooms, hinting that you aren’t on vast land. It’s expertly crafted and I’m sure everyone will love all the small details.
  • The good visuals are extra highlighted with the tremendous lighting engine, the natural lighting is yet-again creepy. Using the characters light source shows how much work was spent on this engine.
  • Vague,¬†mysterious, you just want to know why Six is in this place and why everything is after you. It takes a while before you begin to understand what is going on but Tarsier made sure that players keep guessing and trying to understand why things are happening.


  • I wanted more, seriously…¬†just like INSIDE, Little Nightmares is a pretty short game. You can finish it in five-six hours. The game is that brilliant and memorable that you just want more, a lot more.


  • 67 seconds, that’s how long I waited¬†before the loading was finally done. It is such a big shame that an excellent and memorable game has such an issue. I died a couple of times while trying to dodge¬†scavengers on a table, ten seconds gameplay and five or six times a 67 seconds loading screen. Frustrating, annoying and¬†inexcusable. Nobody likes looking at a dark screen waiting to finally continue. Even the chapter select needs to load quite some time.
  • I didn’t notice any performance issues at the launch event, it was likely played on a PS4 Pro system. On Xbox One however, frame rate noticeably dips a little now and then. Nothing game breaking but still worth mentioning.

Score: 91% | Extraordinary, Little Nightmares is truly an unforgettable game. The dark and creepy places you visit is straight out of nightmares. My advice, buy it now.