Inversus Deluxe review

Inversus Deluxe review


Hypersect brings us INVERSUS Deluxe to the Xbox One. An original game seeing players face off against each other on a variety of maps, proving that opposites do not always attract.


  • The game is easy enough to pick up but much harder to master. Shooting changes the color of blocks, allowing you to travel through them or blocking you depending on the color. Shots go through regular blocks, so you can box in your opponent and shoot him and vice versa.
  • Versus mode offers a lot of fun moments, there are so many creative ways to hinder and take out your opponent. After playing a couple of times against each other, it really becomes a mind game where you try to anticipate your opponent and fake him out in return.
  • The maps are mostly well designed and play quite differently from each other. This goes especially for the maps where your avatar appears multiple times. Get ready to be confused.
  • The soundtrack is simple but easy to listen to and fits the game perfectly.


  • The game lets you unlock customization which is cool, but I found myself not really using any of it. I don’t have a use for the emotes and as for the color palettes, I honestly prefer the black and white default.
  • Seeing how great local versus mode is, I’d love to have seen more features for this. For instance, the game doesn’t seem to keep track of score at all. The first player to 3 victories wins the map. There is no continuous record being tracked, forcing players to keep count themselves if they want to talk smack and earn those bragging rights.
  • The game is a lot of fun with a friend, especially in local co-op. For pure single-player, the situation is less ideal. Arcade mode should be the fix for this, but not the way it’s actually implemented.


  • Arcade mode against the AI is way too hard. It just feels so unfair that most of the fun is taken out of it. Not many people, if any, will manage to get five stars on every map.
  • Without friends to play this with, longevity will be very limited.

Inversus is a simple but exciting game. It offers original and fun gameplay suited for quick gaming sessions. However, I would only recommend picking it up if you have one or more friends to play it with.