Injustice 2 Review

Review Injustice 2 | What a big year for fighting games! I have to be honest and say that I’m a pretty big DC and Marvel fan, so I was really looking forward for NetherRealm’s Injustice 2. I’m glad to say that the end result is fantastic! Read more about it in this review!

If eyes could kill have an entirely different meaning with Superman.


  • I have so many good things to write about Injustice 2, let me just start by saying that you can skip this review, run towards your typical game store¬†or Xbox One to buy it! Injustice 2 is a must have for DC-fans, a must have for fighting fans, and to be honest, simply a must have for every Xbox One gamer!
  • Brainiac, the name doesn’t ring a bell? No worries, you do know Superman right? Brainiac is considered as one of the most dangerous villains from our flying friend (or foe?). The main story in Injustice 2 is about him¬†absorbing Earth, destroying life as we know it. Things are even more complicated because Batman has¬†imprisoned Superman, so Earth’s defence force is missing a big juggernaut. ¬†The story is one hell of a ride, with interesting DC characters, especially Supergirl and Harley Quinn are such lovely characters when it comes down to story elements. After finishing the story you’ll have to play some fights again, but with another character to unlock an additional ending.
  • The way the story is told, with insanely high quality cut scenes that transition perfectly into fights is beautiful and well made. Facial expressions, details in the environment and overall graphics are absolutely stunning. That normally means that cut scenes are on the low side but that’s not the case for Injustice 2! Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!
  • Combat system. To begin, even beginners can enjoy it, some fighters are so hard to begin with that it scares away new players. Injustice 2 has a much easier and “noob friendly” combat system, that doesn’t mean that advanced players won’t learn anything new though. The saying easy to learn, hard to master really fits the game.
  • The combat system again, specifically for the supermeter, at first players will use it for the good-looking cinematic supermoves but the real use for the supermeter is to make your regular powermoves stronger, or using it for defensive reasons. It’s such a deep feature that hardcore players will master¬†it and regular players will love it. Don’t fret about it at first and enjoy the cinematic supermoves but know that more advanced play comes from using the supermeter for other means.
  • Let’s be honest for a moment, fighting games benefit from great single player content but the multiplayer is much more important! (Don’t shoot me if you don’t agree) Injustice 2 really shines in this part. You have the regular player and ranked battles, you can make online-rooms, you have KOTH matches but the most fun comes from the Guild-system and the Multiverse game mode link.
  • For offline players Injustice 2 is massive on content. The main story only takes a few hours but you have an extra ending cut scene with every character that you need to unlock with the Battle Simulator and you have the never-ending Multiverse mode with daily and weekly challenges.
  • With 28 playable characters and more coming in DLC-packs you have a huge roster of fan-favorites. All of them have a different play style, you have rushers (Cheetah), heavy hitters (Bane), ranged fighters (Green Arrow) and defensive fighters (Black Canary)
  • Binding everything together, the story mode, other single player modes and the online is the expansive gear collection. You can dress up characters to change the look and improve stats. Getting gear works with loot crates (called Mother Boxes). It’s really cool to see what other online players have made, although you will see many half-naked Harley Quinn’s. It’s slightly annoying that gear bonuses are active with online Player Matches but luckily it is turned off for Ranked matches.
Cosplayers are really taking it to the next level for this new Superman movie!


  • I don’t want to¬†criticise the story but it’s a shame that some side-stories are¬†abruptly ended. Some extra time for additional characters would have been awesome, the story has a good script but some things are left¬†unexplained.
  • Injustice 2 looks absolutely stunning but the fighting animations could have been a little better. It’s a little stiff and going from one special move to another looks weird sometimes. NetherRealm has made improvements though, the animations look far better when you compare it with the first Injustice.
I’m holding this lantern but I don’t know why….


  • I can only say one bad thing about Injustice 2, and that’s about the¬†Grid skin for Cyborg. I’m absolutely no fan for forced connections between accounts. And the only way to unlock Grid is to play the¬†mobile version of Injustice 2, not everyone can buy an expensive phone that can play the mobile version.

Score: 94% | Injustice 2 is a must have game for fighting fans, for DC fans and in general for each and every Xbox One gamer. A beautiful game with so many content for single player and online players. Go buy it now and find your favorite fighter!