Unit 4 Review

Review Unit 4 | Retro-2D graphics games, they pop up like mushrooms. Some are bad, some are great but Unit 4 stands out for the game-changing characters swapping gameplay. Let’s read more about it in this review!

Watched Power Rangers? Don’t you agree that the red dude on the screen looks like Lord Zedd?


  • Unit 4 is a fresh challenging platformer that keeps giving you adrenaline moments. You essentially control four characters at the same time, causing many confusing but hilariously fun gameplay moments. Each character has a special ability that helps you survive one-of-the-many dangerous hazards.  It’s a difficult process switching between characters while jumping and dodging, but after a while you get the hang of it.
  • The homebase (it reminds me of Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime) is a fast and well made hub to see all your progress. You can always replay chapters to collect every coin, but the campaign is long enough that most players won’t even do this.
  • I’m not denying the frustration but the difficulty in swapping characters, using a special move, swap again and use another special move is so addictive and fresh that the entire campaign from Unit 4 remains hella fun (Yes, that’s a Life is Strange reference) 
  • Boss fights, it’s an entirely different experience, a lot harder too but developer Gamera did some fantastic gameplay design, finding how to beat them is a blast but it also has some cheap memorizing elements.
  • Even casual gamers can enjoy Unit 4. I’m guessing you have a massive Whaaaat?! right now, but thanks to the many checkpoints everyone can play it. It might take a while to survive each and every platforming puzzle but that’s part of the fun!
And this looks like some kind of Power Rangers robot…


  • Visually Unit 4 might be a small let down, but it has that special visual flow that other 2D platformers lack. Anyway, level design is sometimes basic and repetitive, it’s a shame that developer Gamera didn’t add more textures or designs.  Overall, it’s good enough but I expected a little more.
I wanted to press B to go back to the Galaxy hours ago but that damn monk in the middle is so hypnotising.


  • Loyal readers know that one thing really grinds my gears and that’s cheap, unfair deaths. Dying because you have to  memorizing sections or have to jump in a specific way is something I highly dislike. Unit 4 has quite a couple of these moments, to my regret. That’s the only real negative thing I can say about Unit 4.

Score: 82% | As a platform fan, Unit 4 is a crucial game to have on Xbox One. It looks a little basic but it has some fun fresh gameplay moments, it’s a little difficult but who doesn’t like a good challenge?

Here is that Lord Zedd dude again…