Guilt Battle Arena Review

Guilt Battle Arena Review

Guilt Battle Arena

Developed by Invincible Cat Games and published by ForwardXP, Guilt Battle Arena is frantic couch-multiplayer arena game for up to four players where one bullet makes all the difference between victory and defeat! Call your friends to protect the galaxy by your side (or to turn Planet Arena IV upside down!) as a member of the GUILT Patrol in this funny adventure. Let’s take a closer look at everything the game has to offer.


  • Guilt Battle Arena gameplay is amazingly fun! You have two game modes: coop and versus. In coop up to 2 players join forces to eliminate as many foes as possible before getting killed by enemy forces or by the scenario (more on that later). In versus, up to 4 players in the same couch compete in a chaotic last man standing with many shenanigans. !
  • During each match, you have just one bullet and with that one bullet, you must eliminate any threat that hits the screen. And there lays the magic of the game: after each shot, you must pick up your bullet to be able to shoot it again. You also have at your disposal dashes, air-dashes and double jumps, but timing your shots correctly is the best way to reach high scores and get three stars in each level of coop mode. Just remember to be careful and avoid challenges presented in each scenario: they’ll shoot at you explosive cats, canons balls, homing missiles and chickens falling from the sky right on your head to make things more and more chaotic!
  • In versus, you have a good number of modes that include capture the flag, hot-potato, rocket man and some others. You can also use modifiers to turn the ground into a trampoline, make players invisible or add ghost the will hold your bullet, for instance. Very original, addictive and funny!
  • Graphics in Guilt are very good. Animations are few, but very likeable. Scenarios in special are so vivid: I loved how each one of them tells a story. Despite the thematic of the game involving guns, everything is very colorful and child-friendly. There’s no need to worry about your children playing this game.
  • The music is also great! The menus and each stage present very good melodies, showing enormous dedication from the developers. Complementing the package, sounds effects are very good too.


  • The coop mode works as a story mode for the game. But it’s incredibly short for it! You have an extra layer of challenge to get three stars in each stage, but it still feels very shallow.


  • When playing alone, you can only enjoy the coop mode. But playing alone makes you get bored really fast. When not playing with friends, it’d be great if you could add some bots to try the versus mode too, prolonging your interest in the game.
  • Even with all variation in versus mode, I still feel like the game comes with low content for players.

Guilt Battle Arena [Score: 7.0/10] I can’t help but to praise all the work with this game. This is a one-man project that came to life in Xbox. Tim Verrouil, better known as the indie studio Invincible Cat, delivered a very funny game to be enjoyed by all. Now grab a copy of Guilt Battle Arena ASAP. Your gaming nights with friends has just become more chaotic!