Shoppe Keep Review

Shoppe Keep Review

Shoppe Keep

Ever had the idea that you wanted to play as the shop keeper from The Witcher or Final Fantasy? Now you can in Shoppe Keep. Wait a little with your excitement though, because this game is as disappointing as a shop with ridicules high prices for low quality items.  Why? You can read all about it in this Shoppe Keep review. 


  • If (and it is a big if) you manage to mentally survive the first hours and learn how to play the game it actually becomes a rather deep and refreshing managing game, that is chaotically fun and challenging.

Mixed Feelings

  • Music becomes rather repetitive but you can turn that off. Luckily the sound effects and ambient sound is decent enough.


  • It has been a while that I have played a game with such terrible and confusing controls. The sensibility for starters is way too high (you can adjust it) and the control lay-out is¬†astonishing.¬† Even the tutorial gives you the wrong information, or I just read it wrong because the font is ridiculously small.¬† Game interface didn’t really help either, half of it was not on my screen and I couldn’t change it… annoying.¬† I’m honestly really scratching my head about this.
  • The issue with the game interface had a few serious issues, not having full screen inventory made it hard (or even impossible) to play the game. I couldn’t fully see my currency either, I’m playing on a huge TV too so I have no idea why this is happening and I tried to find a solution.
  • The first hours from Shoppe Keep are hard,¬†uninteresting and really confusing. Reading the long small explanations, looking at big empty and ugly environments and waiting for hours before people actually visit your shop. The middle and end play might be exciting but the start really requires some patience and¬†perseverance.
  • Overall performance is unstable too,¬†exceptional big loading times, frequent freezes, button inputs that won’t work, slowdowns, the aforementioned screen issue, objects that get stuck, textures that disappear, the list of bugs is long and make it hard to enjoy the game.

Shoppe Keep [Score: 2,3/10]¬†I totally get why the game is pretty well received on PC but this Xbox One port is simply terrible. Learning the game is hard because reading the text is near impossible, controls are confusing and it doesn’t really look exciting either. Not to mention that I simply couldn’t play the game properly because it didn’t fit my TV screen. It has a long list of bugs too, from freezes or button inputs that doesn’t work. Very disappointing, the game has promise but too much is broken. This should have been released as an Xbox Preview Game.¬†