Eyes on the Weekend | 27-28 March

Eyes on the Weekend | 27-28 March

In Eyes on the Weekend we share what our LifeisXbox team has been playing, most of the times we have our hands full with review games. Some of those have embargo’s so we can’t always openly share what we are playing. What is interesting for us is to see what YOU have been playing! Be sure to let us know on social media! 🙂

Played: Journey to the Savage Planet
I’ve played Journey to the Savage Planet all weekend, hoping to beat it before it leaves Xbox GamePass. It’s a really fun game that has pretty much all of the right ingredients to my liking. First Person action-adventure reminiscent of Bioshock, with a sarcastic AI guiding you (kind of like GLad0S from Portal), metroidvania like exploration that really opens up the world the longer you play and the right dose of comedy to spice it all up. Can’t believe I haven’t played it before and it totally flew under my radar for all this time. I’m actually considering buying the physical version of it and getting the DLC as well. Great game!

Played: Apex Legends
This weekend was a special one for Michelle and myself. I swore to never play a battle royale, but I must say that Apex recently got to us. Spread over this weekend and the previous one, I clocked over 19 hours of apex! We even won our first game where we both carried, so it was well deserved. I picked up Octane, and Michelle got the hang of bloodhoud and rampant! Had a blast of a time, and it honestly has been a very long time since we laughed and cheered this much in a single weekend.10/10 would Apex again!

Played (Maui): Cozy Grove | Altered | Robin: Race | Rolling Hamster | Potion Party
I played quite some games this weekend, as you can see! All are rather small games, so I got to experience all of them for a few hours (haven’t finished them all yet though). I’m really in love with the upcoming game Cozy Grove. Definitely a must for Animal Crossing fans, but more about that later in my review! Altered is a very interesting puzzle game that really made my brain hurt, but in a good way! Robin: Race and Rolling Hamster are both fun racing games and in Potion Party I got to run my own potion shop! Such a fun gaming weekend! Reviews for all these games are coming soon, keep an eye on our website!

Played: Sumatra: Fate of Yandi | Hellbreachers | Tetris Effect | Nightmares from the Deep | Music Racer | Johnny Rocket
Thankfully, this weekend I was able to play a lot more than the last weeks. My gaming weekend started on Friday night with the interesting Sumatra: Fate of Yandi that I played last week. By the way, its review is coming this week. On Saturday, I started (and finished) another title I’m reviewing, Hellbreachers (review incoming this week). Later, my girlfriend wanted to spend some time with me. We ended up playing some Tetris Effect and one of the many point-and-clicks from Artifex Mundi, Nightmares from the Deep. On Sunday night, I played some Music Racer, a birthday gift from a dear friend, and finished one of the games on my backlog, Johnny Rocket. Other than gaming, I watched a lot of The Big Bang Theory – and now I’m sad about it because I’m already in the last season.