Eyes on the Week (27th November – 1st December)

Eyes on the Week (27th November – 1st December)

It’s time to look back on the week we’ve just had! What did the weekdays look like for our writers? What was the biggest news from the week? and what are we looking forward to playing during the upcoming weekend? Our Eyes on the Week article will answer all three of these questions!

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I’ve been pretty busy in the real world this week with Christmas quickly approaching. Although me and my mum have agreed to have a relaxed Christmas this year, we’ve been decluttering and selling unwanted items people may want as presents. I guess it’s our way of giving this year.

In terms of gaming, I have only really played a little Diablo IV to level up more but also to gain more experience of the difficulties I’ve been facing in World Tier IV (My character struggles with survivability right now) and Dead by Daylight since Chucky was released on Tuesday. He’s a great addition to the game and I feel is well balanced from both a killer and survivor side. The mori is fantastic and it’s one of the first killers in a while I actually have the pleasure to go against. We’ll see how long that feeling lasts though!

Most interesting news of this week: Behold, on December 5th, we get to see the brand new first look trailer of the next GTA installment. Also, we’ve got some fantastic additions on Xbox Games Pass this December so keep an eye out for all of those!

Looking forward to playing: Diablo IV, Dead by Daylight, and my review games.

Dae Jim

We had a press and influencer Xbox party, normally the highlight of the week but it started with a three-and-a-half-hour traffic jam. As a result, we arrived very late and missed a lot of the fun. Luckily they left some drinks and snacks… 🙂 I still had a good time together with Robby, who was invited too.

My gaming week was filled with Gangs of Sherwood and a few others. Xbox Game Pass had another excellent week with releases, so I played most of the newcomers.

Most interesting news of this week: Xbox has some EXCELLENT news soon.

Looking forward to playing: Remnant 2, out of nowhere released on Game Pass!


Been a busy gaming week for me! I finished Super Mario RPG and absolutely loved it, as you can read in my review. I thought it was quite easy but then I went for the optional side contant after the game was beaten and that’s a whole different experience!

I also had fun playing Let’s Sing 2024 with my daughter, even though both of us don’t have the best voice control. You can also read my review on LifeIsXbox.

And now I’ve just beaten Lake‘s new DLC: Season’s Greetings, which was the perfect game to get into the holiday spirit. I really loved the laidback vibes from the original game and the prequel DLC was more of the same but with some snow on top. Loved every minute. A review will be coming soon, but for now you can enjoy this video!

Most interesting news of this week: Me and Jim got invited to the Xbox christmas party in the Netherlands!

Looking forward to playing: Continuing with Super Mario Wonder and on Xbox I’ll try out the belgian-made Gangs of Sherwood!


Coming to the end of hunkering down to study for some exams over the past two weeks I didn’t do a huge deal of gaming, yet managed to sneak some moments in.

I made some quick visits to the docks in Final Fantasy XIV‘s Limsa Lominsa to help my guild obtain an achievement related to ocean fishing. We got about 8 of us together to fish for specific kinds of sea creatures like octopedes or sharks in an attempt to catch a larger number of them. And when I say large, think like, 100 to 150 of them combined. Sadly, Llymlaen (that’s the watcher of the seas and goddess of navigation) didn’t bring us any favourable winds, as we didn’t get close to any of them. I feel like this’ll be an ongoing challenge we’ll be angling for a while longer.

Another quiet week in Honkai Star Rail where I mainly did my dailies and farmed for good relics. I had some great gloves that got ruined when it came to substat rolls. The rest will probably be sorted into promising for future characters and salvage fodder.

I also started playing Divinity Original Sin 2 with some friends in the hopes we’ll keep this party together long enough to actually see the credits. My hopes are high but my expectations tempered. For what it’s worth, I more or less have Fort Joy down pat at this point. I know some in my group have had some pretty harrowing experiences when it comes to some poisonous frogs, but my boney self didn’t find them half as hard to deal with as others.

Most interesting news of this week: Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince launched on Wednesday the 29th, and while I won’t be picking it up any time soon, I’m keen to see the reception it’ll recieve.

Looking forward to playing: I aim to make another dent in my Divinity Original Sin 2 campaign this weekend. Aside from that, I’ve got the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty DLC waiting on me. I’m also looking for some friends to try Lethal Company with, but that might not be in the immediate future.


As it’s been for the last few weeks, I’ve been playing My Time at Sandrock extensively. I will hopefully finish my review of it in the next few days and then play another game I have to review.

Most interesting news of this week: Microsoft will have announcements at TGA, I’m curious to see what they will be.

Looking forward to playing: My Time at Sandrock, the other review game I have to play and something else if I have the time.


While I didn’t get much time for games this week, I still managed to finish Lunacid. That game is so full of charm and packs much more content than it seems. Chock full of secrets, some even tied to real world time as they depend on the real-life moon cycle (but can be circumvented with a simple PC clock change) I am happy that I decided to give it a go. (And while I can’t say much more about it, I might have some news about it soon…)

Besides that, we embarked on an adventure in Divinity: Original Sin 2 with my gaming group. Once we got past a fairly rough start ─a certain fight with antelope-sized frogs will live in my nightmares─ and once we got better equipment, we really got going. I am having a blast and I’m looking forward to play more!

Most interesting news of this week: All’s quiet on my end.

Looking forward to playing: More Divinity: OS 2 and I’ll likely try to find the last secrets in Lunacid to 100% it.