Review | Diablo IV – Season of Blood

Review | Diablo IV – Season of Blood

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Diablo IV – Season of Blood | 90%
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

I’ve enjoyed Diablo IV ever since its release back in June and Season of Blood makes this feeling even more prominent, with another questline and new content to get sucked into. I say sucked as Season of Blood is all about vampires and vampiric abilities you can utilise to your builds’ advantage, making your character even more powerful than they may have already been. To make the most of these powers, you are required to collect potent blood from different sources to upgrade and earn new powers. I tend to get most of mine from defeating enemies from the Blood Harvest – a new area which changes location hourly and comes with Tree of Whispers tasks for you to complete. Within this area you can also use blood lures, which are most commonly collected from defeating enemies, to start rituals that summon powerful enemies to engage in battle with. Of course, along with the Blood Harvest is a whole new questline for you to complete by facing the ferocious Lord Zir. I thoroughly enjoyed the questline as it gave me something new and different to focus on; I’ve always adored new story aspects of games as it can open up an entirely new world to learn about and have a different perspective on. It isn’t the longest questline in history but it still soaked up a fair few hours of my time. 

If you are one of the many people who are far more fond of the end-game and higher-tier content, Diablo IV – Season of Blood has you covered too. With new end-game bosses for you to conquer and campaign chapters to complete, these will provide you with something to test your might and difficulty limits. This is because the campaign chapters become progressively harder – pushing you to get involved in Helltide, World Tier IV, higher-tier dungeons, PvP content, and level up your glyphs or vampiric powers to max level. I’ve only managed to get to chapter five of seven currently but I would like to progress to the final chapter and earn my rewards if possible; might take some grinding and gear improvements to get me there as I’ve only played solo and my rogue isn’t brilliant with her survivability right now. This serves as a reminder to everyone that the Season of Blood concludes on the 23rd January 2024.

As for rewards and additional new content, there is of course the Season Pass which has 80 tiers to complete. I’ve managed all tiers and you can see some of the new Awoken cosmetics in the gallery screenshots below if you’re interested. This also comes with platinum (Premium currency), various skins for your town portals, and other useful rewards. There are new paragons, aspects, and items which have also been added to the game which could be useful should you manage to obtain them. It’s also worth mentioning the fantastic quality-of-life updates which have been applied in Season of Blood, including gaining an incredible 40% more experience, making it significantly quicker to level up and get to that all-important level 100 which also makes the completion time of the game much faster overall for those interested in earning all the achievements. I think Season of Blood has brought Diablo IV back to life and has done an impressive job at adding not only enjoyable but valuable content to everyone and anyone, no matter if you’re new to the game or have played since day one. It is also worth mentioning that Season of Blood has an update on Thursday 5th December which features new content which has been called the Abattoir of Zir. This is for people who have completed all the campaign chapters and are looking for that extra challenge so be on the lookout for that!

In conclusion, if you have any doubts or concerns about playing Diablo IV, I can reassure you that the game is worth playing or returning to with plenty of content to sink your teeth into. Get it? Because of the Vampires? Anyway, I rest my case!