REVIEW | Let’s Sing 2024

REVIEW | Let’s Sing 2024

“Another one bites the dust!”

Let’s Sing needs no introduction, the game speaks for itself: it’s a karaoke title that will help you sing along to your favourite songs and will score your results along the way. The game currently has a yearly release with new songs included unique to every edition and it comes out on pretty much all platforms

It’s the perfect party game if you don’t mind your friends or family hearing your singing voice and can even be enjoyed by the youngest players because they don’t need to master the use of a controller for once. (it has microphone support or you can play it using your phone) The stand-alone release comes with 30 songs included, but you can purchase DLC packs or a subscription to grow your tracklist.

Song List of Let’s Sing 2024:

Billie EilishYour Power
Ed SheeranEyes Closed
Lady GagaHold My Hand
LizzoAbout Damn Time
Miley CyrusWrecking Ball
Shawn MendesWhen You’re Gone
John NewmanLove Me Again
Ace of BaseThe Sign
QueenAnother One Bites the Dust
Imagine DragonsBones
Kelly ClarksonStronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)
Tom OdellAnother Love
Lost Frequencies ft. Calum ScottWhere Are You Now
JVKEGolden hour
Marshmello & Jonas BrothersLeave Before You Love Me
David BowieLife on Mars?
Rosa LinnSNAP
Ed Sheeran & Elton JohnMerry Christmas
GAYLEABC (nicer)
Ava MaxMillion Dollar Baby
PocahontasColors of the Wind
Anne-Marie & Niall HoranOur Song
Luke CombsThe Kind of Love We Make
Fleetwood MacEverywhere
David GuettaCrazy What Love Can Do
Bailey ZimmermanRock and a Hard Place
Bebe RexhaHeart Wants What It Wants
P!nkNever Gonna Not Dance Again
Meghan TrainorMade You Look
Anne-MarieCiao Adios
Miley CyrusParty in the U.S.A.
Linkin ParkLost

ℹ️ Reviewed on Nintendo Switch| Review code provided by PLAION, this review is the personal opinion of the writer. Got unanswered questions about this game? Get in touch on X!


Things I liked!

  • Excellent Track List | I loved the selection of songs for this year. Queen? Imagine Dragons? Sign me up! But I have to make a sidenote here and say that I played the game with a month-long trial of the VIP subscription, which gave me access to about 70 extra songs and the variation there certainly has value. If you’re singing the same 30-ish songs over and over again, the fun will wear thin much quicker.
  • Tag-team singing | There is a mode where you can each focus on certain parts of the song and my daughter loved playing this together with me. Her favourite song is Meghan Trainor’s Made You Look. You can play the multiplayer with up to 4 people, but fair warning: the microphones might pick up the person singing next to you.
  • Original Music videos in the background | While singing along, the music video plays in the background, and this brings back nostalgic feelings of when we all used to watch MTV as kids.
  • Perfect Party game | Want to embarrass your friends? Invite them over for some Karaoke-at-home. It’s a guaranteed laugh and I don’t care about singing badly as long as I have fun.

Neither good nor bad

  • More of the same | Let’s Sing 2024 doesn’t do anything to innovate the formula and won’t offer anything new outside of the selection of songs included with the game. Players new to the game are better off buying a discounted or second-hand version of an older edition and paying for the extra DLC instead.
  • Using your phone mic | Our version came bundled with two USB microphones which offers a lot of advantages: Better voice recognition and no connection issues. The alternative is using your smartphone and downloading the Let’s Sing Mic app. It’s a very small download size and requires you to be connected to the same Wi-Fi as the console + you’ll need to enter a code to confirm. Up to 4 players can join through this method, but at that point, you better sit far enough apart or your phone microphone will pick up the other voices. Just keep in mind the hardware restrictions this type of game brings with it.

Things I disliked!

  • Amount of Songs | The yearly release and focus on selling add-on packs means that the main game doesn’t come with a lot of games (30 to be precise) and you’ll soon tire of singing the same songs over and over again.
  • The single-player campaign | For the first time ever, there is a true single-player campaign with a story to tell. You play as an upcoming star getting trained by two vocal coaches and participating in what’s basically The Voice. It’s quite boring and told through some floating heads and text messages. But the worst part for me was how I couldn’t skip a part I really couldn’t manage to get past. We tried about a dozen times and apparently, we’re all so off-key that the game decided to mock us for our bad singing.
  • Navigating the tracklist | When you have access to 100+ songs, it becomes really hard to navigate the menu. Some shortcuts and easier filtering than what’s already present could have helped a ton. My advice: favourite the songs you want to play a few times ASAP so they are easier to get to.
  • Bugs & connection issues | There was a frequently recurring issue where we couldn’t hear the voice lines from a song or even see the lyrics that we had to sing. Apparently, this is caused by the internet connection, but it’s strange how the video streaming in the background is flawless whereas lower size assets like text or sound couldn’t load.
  • Backgrounds are boring | The videos are projected onto an in-game stage, but it rarely changes style or design and feels like a huge missed opportunity to try some new things.

How long did I play the review before publishing? 6 hours
How long to beat the story? I wouldn’t know, I couldn’t beat it!
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65/100 ⭐ | Let’s Sing 2024 is the perfect party game for the holidays. Invite your friends and family and have a laugh while singing to your favourite songs. Just make sure to spring for the VIP subscription or you’ll soon tire of singing the same titles over and over again.

The attempt at a single-player campaign was handled poorly and the few bugs here and there also dampened my excitement versus last year’s version.