Everything announced at X019!

Everything announced at X019!

We had some wicked announcements at X019 and you can see them all listed here!

Three new Xbox Game Studios titles, from Rare – Obsidian and Dontnod!

Everwild: Rare’s new triple-A game will be something unique with memorable and magical moments. Early-in-development the chance is very high that this will be a game for the next generation. Watch the trailer here > click here

Grounded: Made by only 13 people at the recently-acquired Obsidian Grounded is a first-person survival side-project. What makes this special is that humans are shrunk, giving a unique world to explore full with dangers.

Tell me Why: Life is Strange and Vampyr developer Dontnod is making an exclusive Xbox game called Tell me Why. You control a transgender man and that’s about all we know so far. The game is releasing in Summer 2020.

Release dates!

  • Bleeding Edge is releasing March 2020
  • Halo Reach is releasing December 3rd
  • MineCraft Dungeons is releasing April 2020
  • Wasteland 3 is releasing May 2020 (check the awesome trailer! click here)

Age of Empires IV gameplay

Made by Relic and the newly formed Xbox Studio World’s Edge, it looks fantastic as you can see below.

CrossFire X

The massive popular PC shooter CrossFire is coming exclusively for Xbox in 2020. With a single player campaign from Remedy. Below you can see some gameplay!

Yakuza, Kingdom Hearts franchise, Planet Coaster, Rust announced for Xbox One!

Massive news as for the first time Yakuza is heading for Xbox, The entire Kingdom Hearts series is coming too and popular PC games as Planet Coaster and Rust are incoming too! All coming 2020.

50 (!!) new games announced for Xbox Game Pass!

A massive amount of Final Fantasy games, three Yakuza games, the Kingdom Hearts franchise, The Witcher 3, Darksiders 3, Rage 2 and so much more. Xbox Game Pass got some incredible announcements!

KartRider: drift coming exclusively in 2020 for Xbox

With 360 million players on PC KartRider is finally coming for consoles and it is coming first to Xbox with crossplay! Below is some gameplay.