Short Review: Super Box Land Demake

Short Review: Super Box Land Demake

Ratalaika published games are really starting to take a turn. And I mean that in the best possible way. And that is saying a lot coming from someone whose had his fair share of duds when it came down to Ratalaika published games. But their quality is going up, and this is also the same for Super Box Land Demake. Want to know why I am liking it, and not just shoveling it into the “oh god not another one” pile? Then read on in this short review of, Super Box Land Demake.

There isn’t much that can be said about this one, to be honest. The setup is simple and reminds me of a game that I used to play when I was still a child. You push boxes over towards buttons that are set into the surrounding landscape. When you get them all on a button, the door will open and you’ll be able to proceed to the next room. All in all, you’ll be doing this for 100 rooms. Now, where this game differs from the one that I played when I was a child? Is the fact that you can do this with a couch co-op partner. But this really detracts from the difficulty that is already lacking in here! In regards to the visual style? It really does look good. The gameplay is smooth, the soundtrack is nice to listen to. A cute and wholesome game to be honest! And just in case you truly botched up the pushing puzzle? Don’t worry, Super Box Land Demake is a true Bro! Because it’s got you covered on that part as well. You’ve got a rewind function that works on batteries. These batteries are found when you walk over a bush, but not all bushes have batteries though! If you have accidentally pushed a box into a corner and can’t get it out? Just rewind that sucker and don’t make the same mistake again! Because trust me… I did, and it felt incredibly stupid! So if you’re into puzzles? Why not give it a shot?



Super Box Land Demake is a game that’s on the perfect introductory level for anyone that wants to get into puzzle games. It’s cute, it’s fairly easy and has a nice fall back option if you did make an oopsie. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to play a puzzle game with their significant other or with their child!