Short review: Fractured Minds

Short review: Fractured Minds

Anxiety, feeling alone or unsure, I guess everyone knows this feeling. Some people more than others, Fractured Minds helps to show that these invisible mental issues should get more attention. And, more importantly it shows that you aren’t alone when it comes to those affected by mental health issues. For this alone I would give Fractured Minds 100%, I wish I could but I still have to remain neutral and give my opinion about this interactive short experience. Important to know, 40% of the purchase is going to Safe In Our World (click here for more information)

I can’t thank Emily Michell, Wired Productions and Microsoft (marketing at X019) enough for releasing and supporting this kind of game to gamers. I really, really, really hope it helps people. Let me rephrase that, I KNOW it will help people.

This twenty minute interactive game shows different kinds of mental health issues, each chapter will have a different meaning for the players depending on their own past and experiences. For example for me the comfort zone chapter was a real eye-opener. Fractured Minds is full with beautiful and thought-provoking quotes, if you manage to play this game please pay attention and try to understand what it is about. I know that not everyone will connect or understand it, but that’s the point of the game, explaining some of the most frequent mental health issues. Most levels is about knowing what to do but struggling to find out how or why, kinda like real life. It is a shame that all the different chapters feel so disconnected, there isn’t a bigger picture besides the messaging. Visually things aren’t that exciting but it does manage to deliver some memorable moments.

Oh and I will tell you a secret, I love the rain, it distracts me too.

I have decided to not give a score for Fractured Minds, in my opinion everyone should play this game to support the idea behind it and to know more about some invisible daily life mental health issues. This isn’t the best visual game, or the most memorable storytelling experience but it awakens some questions and more importantly I am 100% sure that it can help some gamers that have to deal with anxiety, stress, low self esteem and more.