Ethan: Meteor Hunter review

Ethan: Meteor Hunter review | You need good average games so great games can stand out. That’s a golden rule that many gamers forget or simply don’t know. It’s important to support these kind of games too. Ethan: Meteor Hunter is one of those games, an above average game that deserves to be played even though it doesn’t really stand out. Check the review to read more about¬†Ethan: Meteor Hunter!


  • The platforming parts are fun and challenging, with some clever and good level design. You’ll die quite a few times but that’s the nature of the game.
  • Platforming and solving puzzles is the main thing in Ethan: Meteor Hunter but the variation is pretty high with some fun “mini-game” like gameplay parts. You’ll be jumping on a pogo stick, going higher and higher into the sky. While this isn’t anything original it was really fun to play.
  • The replay value is really high, trying to ace every level isn’t an easy task. Committed gamers can get hours and hours out of this game.


  • Storywise the game starts strong, introducing Ethan and his magical powers from meteors. After the first cutscene the story takes a plummet. A shame because the original characters and setting have many potential.
  • I have a big mixed feeling with the puzzels. Some of them are really well done, others are¬†frustrating because the game¬†physics engine is¬†unreliable. I have to¬†applaud the developer for coming up with some very¬†intelligent set ups but overall the bugs and execution bring them down.


  • You literally get trichotillomania while playing Ethan. Don’t know the word? Obviously! It’s a hair-pulling disorder. And only for one reason, the weird decision to limit how many times you can freeze time for solving puzzles. Don’t have any freeze tokens left? You have to start the level again, from the beginning. Most of the times I ran out of tokens ¬†because I made a silly decision but frequently the game¬†physics screw you over. You do the right thing but the game things otherwise. I don’t have to mention how annoying that is!
  • While the level design isn’t bad the graphics are disappointing. ¬†Lack of color, and an overuse of brown cause that the game gets boring fast visually.

Score: 59% | Ethan: Meteor Hunter is a fun game with some unwanted¬†disappointing design flaws. Especially the games¬†physics give the game a bitter taste. You’ll still enjoy your time with Ethan, just be prepared to be a little bald after playing it.