LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens review | Let’s go back in time, do you remember what game started the LEGO craziness for console gaming? Lego Star Wars! More than ten years later TT Games brings another Star wars LEGO game with The Force Awakens, with the same similar formula and a few twists. Let’s see if the Force is still strong enough in this game! Read on LifeisXbox’s review for LEGO Star wars: The Force Awakens

Important, see the movie first. This game has massive movie spoilers.

Yeah, even BB is a playable character!


  • The game features a new gameplay mechanic that changes the typical Lego gameplay to a Time Crisis-like shooting experience. You can pop out of cover and start shooting at enemies while dodging incoming fire. If you do it fast enough and without damage you get more Lego bricks. It’s a fun new addition that helps fight the repetitiveness.
  • Another new feature is something they call “multibuilds”, an easy idea that gives you the illusion that you can do more unique things. I have to say that I really liked it, it gave more dimension for some puzzles.
  • As a big Star Wars fan it’s real fun to play as an iconic character. The obvious playable characters like Han Solo, Rey and Chewbacca are all available but some unexpected characters like BB-8 bring new ways of controlling someone in the Lego franchise. Most of them have unique abilities too for solving puzzles or fighting enemies.
  • Just like the other Lego games The Force Awakens can be played with two players. With a dynamic split screen that melts the screen into one if possible and splits in two again if needed. You can also choose to have two screens at every time. It’s cool that you can still buy games that have such a big focus on couch co-op play.
  • Have to say that they really upped their game with graphics. Especially the jungle levels look really stunning with great lighting and smooth textures without losing the typical graphical Lego atmosphere.

Mixed Feelings

  • While The Force Awakens adds new ideas to the formula I have to be honest and say that I have a big been there done that feeling. It continue’s to sell so I understand that TT Games doesn’t want to take big risks but we have been playing the same concept and mechanics for more than ten years now.
  • The Force Awakens features some new levels that expand the story from the movie. With pre-event scenes or extra events that happened in the movie timeline. That’s good and all but I hated that I had to collect quite a few gold bricks for it. Forcing you to replay previous levels and searching for secrets. In my opinion these extra levels should have been story missions and not locked behind some cheap “find more secrets” mechanic.
The jungle levels are really stunning for a Lego game


  • Quick Time Event bugs that forces you to restart and in general quite a few bugs that force you to restart because something didn’t go according to plan.
  • Voice acting – I’m not entirely sure but I think some characters have multiple voice actors. One thing is for sure, the voice acting is really weird. They combine movie spoken dialogues with newly recorded lines but they don’t sound right. I couldn’t find the right audio balance too, everything in the game sounds way to hard for understanding what some characters are saying. On top of that there is noticeable voice delay. Really weird that such a big budget game has such bad voice acting performances.

Score: 70% | Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens tries a few new things but developer TT Games really needs to start with changing the core gameplay. If you liked the previous Lego games, buying this is a no-brainer! Also for couch co-op players The Force Awakens is a fun to play game!