Action News Heroes review

Action News Heroes review | Two man studio Krewe brings out Action News Heroes, a game aimed for local co-op play. No need to worry because you can play this top-down twin stick shooter alone too. The question that brings you here for this Action News Heroes review, is it worth it?


  • Every gamer has seen the movie Gamer with Gerard Butler right? Action New Heroes brings some memories from that movie, having an audience look at violence and most importantly having enough violence so viewers keep tuning in. That’s the gameplay mechanic from this game, you need to play fast and keep the action going so the viewers on TV keep watching the news.  It results in some frantic and fun shooting gameplay.
  • With some good communication Action News Heroes is a challenging but fun co-op game, only one screen forces you to stay close but that isn’t a bad thing.
  • For a two person game I really admire the effort in the graphical department. Action News Heroes looks good with some real good effects. Explosions look very nice and the performance is top-notch too.

Mixed Feelings

  • While the overall experience with the viewers rating was positive I didn’t really liked the fact that it was game over when it reached 0%, it would have made more sense to have some sort of rewards-systeem. Now you have many annoying restarts because the ratings dropped to zero.


  • Action News Heroes manages to completely kill your motivation when you have a game over screen. All your progress with collected money is completely gone. Making the beginning very hard, too hard. You are forced to complete the difficult beginning before you can buy some better weapons.  A small design flaw that will scare away many players.
  • I had no idea where I needed to go, the mini map works great for seeing enemies that are close but it doesn’t have an objective marker. Because the ratings drop when you aren’t killing people or destroying stuff I had quite a few game over screens, because I couldn’t find something to shoot to keep my TV viewers satisfied.

Score: 60% | A few hit-and-miss choices make Action News Heroes a fun but frustrating game. I would recommend it more for players that want to play co-op so the annoying parts get softened with good companion. It’s Krewe Studios first game and you can clearly see the potential from the developer, it just doesn’t come out completely -yet- in Action News Heroes.