Games in August for Xbox One

You could say that August is the last relatively quiet month of the year for game releases. I can imagine that it’s still a expensive and busy month for some with new games and heavy hitters like Deus Ex. Let’s take a look at the game releases for Xbox One in August!

01 August | Games With Gold game: Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate
01 August | Games With Gold game: Spelunky (Xbox 360)
01 August | Dead island Retro Revenge
02 August | Livelock
02 August | Battleship
02 August | Batman: Telltale Series (Episode 1)
02 August | Risk: Urban Assault
03 August | Overcooked
05 August | Cannon Brawl
09 August | UNO
August | Grow Up
16 August | Games With Gold game: WWE 2K16
16 August | Games With Gold game: Beyond Good and Evil (Xbox 360)
19 August | F1 2016
23 August | Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
23 August | Madden NFL 17
23 August | Worms WMD
30 August | Assetto Corsa
30 August | Attack on Titan
30 August | Resident Evil 4
30 August | The Turing Test
30 August | Verdun
30 August | The Final Station will keep updating this article, so feel free to check it a few times in August to see the latest delays or new arrivals!

Our recommendations: I haven’t played all games on this list so keep an eye out for reviews but I think these games will be worth it! Batman: Telltale Series, Overcooked, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Worms WMD.