Dungeon Punks review

Dungeon Punks review | One of my earliest game memories is playing a game called Fighting Force, Dungeon Punks is a little similar with many ideas from other fighting games and… Roleplaying games. A unique mix that makes Dungeon Punks stand out from the crowded genre. Let’s take a look if the game is worth your punches in this review!

Gorilla riding, it makes perfect sense in Dungeon Punks


  • The option to play Dungeon Punks with a friend, or even two friends is a really positive feature. The required communication for the fun combo system makes it a great cooperation game. I know that couch co-op play is a common thing for the genre but Dungeon Punks really perfected it.
  • You can play with six different characters that have unique abilities and strengths. My favorite was the Dwarf. The real fun part starts with selecting three characters and seeing how they work together defeating the enemies.
  • Fantastic character designs, the art is great all around but the enemies and playable heroes really stand out. They all have personality and lots of detail, making it very believable and scary living things.
  • The movement controls take some time getting used too but after a few minutes it’s really easy to perform the many different fighting moves.
  • Dungeon Punks story about the world and your fighting group keeps you interested for finding out more. The way it’s told, with colorful cut scenes and funny dialogue is really well done too. Making it a great game for those that like meaningful game stories.
The story is well told with some great cut scenes

Mixed Feelings

  • When you aren’t playing with a real co-op friend, the AI takes over the remaining party members. When playing alone this is a very welcomed feature but I found it very unnecessary that the third playable character was being controlled by AI when playing with two players.
  • About that AI, it’s a mixed experience. The AI isn’t bad but your party members will blindly walk into fire traps or bombs. Really frustrating to see, I can’t say anything bad about the enemies though. They make the right choices and keep the action going.
The action on screen is massive and fun


  • You are forced to replay the levels many times, and that’s the only real sour taste from Dungeon Punks. Grinding and the brawler genre don’t work well and that clearly shows. You will die a lot because of really powerful bosses or even sub-bosses, your only solution is replaying previous levels to become more powerful.

Score 80% |  With some beautiful art design and fun combat Dungeon Punks is a game that I can easily recommend for co-op players. It’s a little shame that some grinding is required but that’s the only real negative thing I can say. So do yourself a favor and check out Dungeon Punks!