de Blob 2 Review

de Blob 2 Review

de Blob 2

THQ Nordic’s family friendly game de Blob 2 makes a return for Xbox One. A lot was expected from de Blob in 2010, even invading Syfy with TV media. These plans never really came to fruition though, slow but surely de Blob is making a return for gamers. Hopefully a new full-fledged sequel is coming in the near future because games like this are always welcome on Xbox. So, how about this de Blob 2? Read the review to find out more about it. 


  • Painting objects by touching them, sounds pretty easy right? Well, yes and no. The game is definitely aimed for all ages, but it can pack some surprising challenge. Figuring out how to paint a specific building without changing the other colours require some planning and insight that might be a little hard for the younger gamers. That said, the platforming and tasks in the sizeable levels remain fun throughout the campaign, giving players a decent amount of playtime too.  The developers made sure that the playtime remains fresh too, at some moments the game changes into a 2D experience. Changing the pace, gameplay and look a little, great for killing any repetitive feeling you might have been building by unlocking challenges like painting trees or saving crowds in the 3D worlds.
  • Simplistic visuals and great use of colours that burst out of my television make de Blob 2 an easy on the eyes game. It has a few beautiful moments, especially when everything comes to life with colour and animations.
  • I love it when sound and gameplay match together, de Blob 2 uses it in ways that very few games actually do. Painting the world will change the soundtrack (most of the times a new instrument), which means that not only the bright and lovely colours spice up the world but the sound too! I honestly wonder if the average players will notice it, but I can tell you one thing. This game deserves a lot of credit for it, it gives some extra atmosphere and joy.
  • One of the cool features from de Blob 2 is the co-op option, aimed to help or be played by younger gamers. Player two can help with the campaign as some kind of air support character that can attack enemies and collect stuff. The aim reticle is really small too so it doesn’t annoy you or the second player, pretty perfect actually. Another mode is more for competitive players, each player controls a blob and you need to complete tasks as fast as you can. Fun, but I can’t imagine that many gamers will play this for hours & hours.

Mixed Feelings

  • (doesn’t affect score) I’m having a hard time justifying this Xbox One release version, de Blob 2 is backwards compatible and besides some slight visual differences it is exactly the same. For those that haven’t played this game before (shame on you!) the Xbox One version is the obvious choice though.


  • Maneuvering around the world and trying to colour the buildings in the correct one can be a tad frustrating sometimes because of the shaky camera. Many times I jumped on the wrong platform or fell down into water because my camera angle wasn’t how I wanted, you can manually change it but I never really found it to be  100% effective. Level design doesn’t help with that either, as objects regularly block your view.

de Blob 2 [Score: 8/10] Simply said, without de Blob the gaming scene is a lot darker. This colourful and fun game remains one of the more original and family friendly games available and I can only hope to see more from it. If you haven’t played this game before than I highly recommend buying it on Xbox One.