Attack on Titan 2 review

Attack on Titan 2 review

Attack on Titan 2

Creepy apartment high human-like giants are eating humans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Humanity is facing total extinction and a few huge walls are the only thing from keeping them at bay.¬† Attack on Titan is a popular anime series so likely I won’t have to explain you the story but it is a very interesting concept for story and of course gameplay! So how is the gameplay for this giant slayer game? Read all about it in this review!¬†


  • Everything is based around fighting the Titans and they just look¬†splendid on Xbox One X. They honestly creep me out and some of the facial expressions are straight out of nightmares. It is massively impressive to see them running around in the environments, Attack on Titan 2 isn’t a game that will be remembered for great visuals but it manages to create a genuinely terrifying and unique visual experience.
  • Gameplay is the real star in this game and that’s all because of the ODM (omni direction mobility) You could compare it a little with Spider-Man, but without the flashy red costume. You shoot away some kind of zip-lines, boosting in the air and targeting¬† Titans. You could go for the immediate kill but sometimes you have to slide limbs of first to weaken them.¬† The learning curve is present but after some time you’ll get used to it. The fast-paced action is really fun and unlike anything else, giving such a fresh gameplay experience.
  • Source material in Attack on Titan 2 is fantastic, while you make your own custom character you still get to play with many known characters from the Anime series. Story is just something so unique that I loved to see what happened after every mission.


  • Just like the other game from developer Omega Force (Dynasty Warriors 9), Attack on Titan 2 has some beautiful but also very dull visual moments. Characters (and Titans) come straight out of an anime so that’s fine but the environments are nothing special. It is cool to see the destruction but I wish it had more variation and a little bit more detail. It is a big contrast with the Titans and teammates, they really look gorgeous and help to distinct the game.
  • While not game breaking some things work against the great combat mechanics. You will become pretty frustrated sometimes because the camera just doesn’t want to do what you had in mind. Another one is keeping your health, fuel AND blades up and running. While the idea behind it is understandable I personally hated to always leave combat to restock my character.


  • The fast and brutal action is what makes Attack on Titan 2 so great, it is really weird to see that between levels they decided to go totally different. It is literally black & white. After a mission you travel to a safe spot, here you can collect or buy gear and talk with team mates to increase friendship levels. These talks are extremely boring though and don’t really add to the story. You get some really cheesy cut scenes too. It can take ages before your back in action, especially in the beginning.

Attack on Titan 2 [Score: 8.2/10] Omega Force delivered a great game that remains faithful with source material. The unique gameplay is what makes this game shine, fast-paced and brutal, I absolutely love it. And those damn Titans give me the creeps!