My Brother Rabbit Review

My Brother Rabbit Review

My Brother Rabbit

Developer: Artifex Mundi
Publisher: Artifex Mundi
When you see a game from Artifex Mundi, you know you can expect a great story by this Polish studio widely known by point-and-click gamers. In My Brother Rabbit,  a young girl is taken to the doctors to discover what’s wrong with her health, her brother will stay by her side telling a story. The tale of a brave rabbit who will do whatever it takes to help his little friend flower to heal from her illness. Prepare for a colorful and touching adventure that will take you through a beautiful world made from children imagination.

What do you do?

Controlling our little friend, the rabbit, you will solve puzzles and play many mini games while searching for a way to help the flower. With challenging puzzles and mini games, you will put your mind to work to see the end of this beautiful story.

What is Good?

⦁ Visuals: If you have already played any game from Artifex Mundi, you know what to expect: a beautiful and colorful hand-drawn world which resembles a storybook. But as this one tells a very light-hearted story, scenarios, characters and everything you see have special child-friendly aspects. Animations and effects are rather simple but given the nature of the game and pace, they are perfect for the story. The cut scenes between stages, which tells you how the treatment for the girl is developing in the real world of the game, deserve mentioning: they are simply terrific!
Sound: Another aspect of the game in which Artifex Mundi shines, My Brother Rabbit songs are wonderful! From the moment you start the game, you are welcomed  by a voiced song so beautiful and so touching that I can barely describe how I felt. And many stages have songs of equal quality (I loved the ones from mini games of finding pieces in a room). The sound effects are rather simple compared to its songs, but they do a good job as well.
Gameplay: The point-and-click gameplay is as good as always in Artifex Mundi games. You interact with elements of the scenario, opening doors, activating switches, and much more. Sometimes when you interact with an object, the game gives you a list of things to collect to be able to use it. When it happens, you will need to go back a few screens searching for them. A good thing that helps you a lot is the color of this list: if it’s blue, there’s still something from this list in your actual screen. If it’s gray, you can move on to another screen. Some other times you will discover a puzzle that you need to solve before proceeding.
The Puzzles: As a point-and-click adventure,  puzzles consist of different small tasks,  in which you need to find a solution to unlock an item for you to proceed in your quest. Even the ‘hidden objects’ puzzles I’ve complained while reviewing Dark Arcana: The Carnival (link) is still present, but got a welcome revamp with music, animation and very useful guide to help you identify the items you’re looking for. Helpful not only for younger gamers but also for this particular old one here.
Easy 1000G (no score influence): This one goes for the completionists: You can easily unlock all its achievements in a single run. To do so, remember to interact with absolutely everything you see in each scenario. Another title from Artifex Mundi that’s great for completionists.

Mixed Feelings

The story: You don’t need to agree with me but the conclusion of the story left me with some disappointment. A feeling that can be transcribed as “already finished”, like if I have been through the climax of the game without even noticing it.

What is Bad?

Game length: The game is too short. One of the shortest titles from the developer. In less than 4 hours, you can fully complete the game. And, except for the level select, which helps you go after the achievements you may have missed. And that’s all.

My Brother Rabbit [Score: 80/100]: With deeper thematic, but at the same time lighter and easier gameplay elements, My Brother Rabbit is a title for fans point-and-click games of all ages. It has a beautiful story that is told through colorful and beautiful graphics and a breathtaking soundtrack that will touch your heart. Remember: Prepare for a rather short experience.