Fifa 19 review

Fifa 19 review

Here we are again, it is that time of the year. The moment that I experience the most cowardly online-aborts and get annoyed by players that only use tricks and refuse to play some actual football. But oh my… I do love me some football gameplay! Our Pro Evolution Soccer review was very positive, will EA win this legendary match against Konami?¬†


  • Visuals: Both this game and PES look absolutely fantastic, animations look great and many players look how they look in real life. The animations are better than last year, especially the duels and fighting for the ball look better than ever.
  • Licensing: Champions and Europa League are finally added (with new commentary voices), it makes Fifa the ultimate and one of the most impressive licensed games on Xbox. Almost every professional football team in the world has a Fifa 19 version with the correct names and kits, many famous football players are¬†recognizable too. The package is more impressive than all the goals from Ronaldo and Messi combined.¬†
    • For readers from Belgium: All Belgian teams from the Jupiler Pro League are included. What I really like is that a lot of players play how you would expect. For example, Carcela or Mbokani.
  • The Journey:¬†EA’s best idea in years? In my opinion adding The Journey so offline gamers have something extra too. This year the drama and suspense is more present, Alex Hunter and the others really found a way into my gamers heart.¬†
  • 50/50 duels:¬†A major difference in gameplay and tactics is how different players respond in duels or balls that don’t turn out how you expected. Pressing Y randomly isn’t going to work anymore for scoring most goals, defenders outsmart attackers with power and grinta (don’t know what I mean with “grinta? Check how¬†Nainggolan plays)¬†
  • Kick-off mode: I never knew I missed this but the new Kick-off modes and features are a huge bonus for Xbox players that regularly play against real life friends. With stats tracking and fun options that change the gameplay, matches are really different. I wished some of the options could be used online. For example, removing all rules or scoring = losing a player are some real fun casual experiences.¬†

  • EA is playing it ultra defensive: I know that with¬†annualized sport-games it is hard to reinvent the water but I can’t get rid of the impression that EA is playing it extremely safe with the Fifa-franchise. For now I can forgive the lack of new features because of the fun kick-off options and the inclusion of the Champions League but I do hope and expect something big for next year.¬†
  • Time for GAAS-game?¬†I think it is time to request a GAAS-service for Fifa. It doesn’t seem fair that you have to pay ‚ā¨60 each year for a “new version with limited new features”¬†

  • Attention for ALL modes please! Career mode has little to no new features, you have the aforementioned Champions league but everything else is the same as you remember four years ago. FUT, The Journey and the online modes are the most played but that doesn’t mean that these game modes don’t deserve more love and attention.¬†

– Licensing
– Visuals are impressive
– Fun new Kick-off modes
– Engaging and addictive gameplay

– Career mode is still the same as four years ago.

Fifa 19: Score: 85/100

Fifa is a sure buy for many Xbox gamers, and I totally understand why. For me, I know that I will invest another hundred of hours into the online mode and I’m fairly sure that almost every football-fan will enjoy Fifa 19.¬†