Adam’s Venture: Origins review

Adventure puzzle game Adam’s Venture: Origins is the second remaster from the original in 2009, it brings new visuals and animations. Sadly it’s not an adventure you should embark on, read why in this review!



  • While the graphics are from an early Xbox 360 game, the artstyle is pretty impressive. Every level has some eye-catchers that scream for attention. A shame that the art style is put to waste with the disappointing visuals.
  • Soundtrack is really, really good. The one and only  good thing about Adam’s Venture Origins.
  • Most puzzles are fun and challenging, although you have a few weird things too that make things extra complicated.


  • I missed some kind of collectibles so you are encouraged to explore the world.
  • Some of the worst voice acting I ever experienced in a game. I don’t understand that someone thought this was okay for the game. And with that terrible voice acting comes bad writing too.
  • Graphics wise the game performs bad, textures are messy, lots of frame rate issues and much pop up.
  • This should be a €20 game.. it’s €50 (on launch)
  • Woody animations


Score 40% | Unfortunately I can’t say much positive about the game. Puzzle solving fans will surely have some fun with Adam but that  comes with a lot of frustration.  With terrible voice acting, bad graphics and overall weird design choices it’s very hard to recommend this game. (sorry developers)