Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered review

Playing with words in an RPG setting, that’s Letter Quest in a nutshell. Is it a mix that works? Let’s find out in this review for Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey remastered!


  • Finding the highest possible word is really addictive, you can compare it with Scrabble. The letterboard is constantly evolving with new letters, power ups or negative elements that makes it a challenging but fun experience.
  • The cute graphics are simple but fits the game perfectly. The various┬ácharming monsters have a great art design, with a few funny touches.
  • The RPG-like experience system brings a lot of depth, it’s a real surprice how an easy concept for finding words can be so deep.
  • Considering the content and how great its been executed the price is really cheap. You have hours and hours of content and it remains fun.


  • While the basic spelling gameplay is easy you need to know the English language pretty well. So for non-speaking English gamers it can be pretty hard.


Score: 90% | A perfect role-playing word finding┬á game with a lot of things to do. It’s brilliant for short or long play sessions alone or with the help from friends. I salute developer Bacon Bandits for delivering an awesome one-of-a-kind experience and receives a very deserved LifeisXbox’s Recommended tag.