Quantum Break review

For me personally, Quantum Break was one of the games why I bought an Xbox One. Developer Remedy always brings something special to the table and with the time breaking Quantum Break they released another masterpiece. Check out this review on why you should buy this game immediately.


  • The most impressive thing about Quantum Break is the sound and music. How many sound awards a game can win is too ridiculous to find out, one thing is for sure Quantum Break deserves them all.  The way each and every gun shot , voice or environment noise alters with time abilities is absolutely awesome and mindblowing.
  • Quantum Break is a visual candy, it’s not the best looking game on the console but it’s highly impressive to see every single graphical effect on your screen.
  • It feels like a true interactive movie with some great dialogues and storytelling. With some very believable characters, that blows LA Noire out of the water with facial expressions.
  • Many meaningful collectibles that expand the story and background information for the many lovable characters.
  • The shooting combat is very addictive with all the cool time “powerups” it feels and plays like a dream.
  • A cast with Aiden Gillen, Shawn Ashmore, Lance Reddick and many more.. all giving an excellent ingame and liveshow performance. Bringing the game and story to the highest possible level.
  • Many easter eggs to discover and love. (Hello Alan Wake!)


  • It’s a shame that you don’t have more content for the great shooting combat.  (Hoping for some kind of Survival-like DLC)
  • Some light pop up in the environment.


Score: 94% | We had to wait and wait some more but finally everyone can experience Quantum Break. It has become another Remedy succes and I hope it finds a way to many gamers hearts. It really deserves that.