Aaero Review

Review Aaero | Masterpiece, that’s my definition for Aaero. You won’t even have to continue with reading this review, do yourself a huge favor and buy Aaero immediately. Turn up the sound, don’t be shy to go louder than normal and enjoy this incredible experience!


  • Aaero is the perfect example for easy to play but hard to master, staying on the blueish track with your left stick and aiming towards enemies with your right stick is an intuitive, fun and addictive way for controlling the game. The normal difficulty learns you perfectly how to play the game but the fun really starts afterwards. Advanced and master difficulties really ramp up the skill level and will provide gamers with hours of gameplay.
  • First thing I did while playing? Pause the game, turned up my soundbar volume and restarted the game. Aaero has one of the greatest song selection I have ever seen in the game genre. The bass-feel is incredible and sucks you right in, I can’t describe how it felt, you just have to experience it for yourself! All fifteen tracks play and feel perfect and are pretty much a dream for audiophiles.
  • Adrenaline full stop, sweaty hands, full attention on-screen, becoming one with the music. It has been awhile since I have felt this way while playing a video game.  I honestly didn’t believe that just two people made such a well-designed game, maybe that’s the secret behind Aaero. Two developers that really spend their all on something they loved making.
  • I said it before, the soundtrack is top-notch. On top of that, gameplay works so well together with some of the music that it provides some authentic shivers down the spine moments. Killing enemies on the beat, that’s actually harder to do than it sounds, while staying on track and dodging incoming barriers. Yeah.. just fantastic, genuinely genius gameplay-moments. I can write about it on LifeisXbox but something like this has to be experienced hands on.

Mixed Feelings

  • Visually things look pretty neat but this is definitely something that can be improved for Aaero 2.  A little bit more visual punch wouldn’t have hurt, but for now I’m really impressed with some effects and the huge boss fights.


  • Do you know what earworm or brainworm is? Google it, Aaero has several of them. For real though, Aaero has literally nothing that can be written in this “The Bad” section.

Score: 96% | The two developers from Mad Fellows have a lovely quote on their website: Purveyors of the finest video games. It totally fits them, Aaero is a fantastic genre-defining game with a wonderful licensed soundtrack. I wish I could demand Xbox gamers to buy it, each and every gamer should play Aaero.  Oh… and Mad Fellows, prepare for a lot of I want Aaero 2 requests!