The Sexy Brutale Review

The Sexy Brutale Review | Developed by Tequila Works and Cavalier Game Studios, The Sexy Brutale is a puzzle adventure that takes place inside a sinister Casino, where mysterious murderers are happening. Dress up your mask and be ready to the great ball Marquis is preparing for you. And don’t worry about the time, because as clock points midnight, you’re going to live this nightmare over and over again…. Shall we go?


  • The graphics are great! The atmosphere the developers built is colorful, well detailed and feels alive. Characters and even non-interactive parts of the scenario are impressive and received a lot of attention from the developers. Two things I loved: the sun movement you can see through shadows as time goes by and the fish inside the big aquariums. Congrats for the great work, guys!
  • The sound is perfect for the game. It really helps building this mystery atmosphere for the gameplay. There’re cheerful songs all around the mansion (after all, you’re on a casino!) that gives place to more serious and melancholic tunes in the right moments. And they’re all great quality! The sound effects are also very good (and play an important part in the gameplay, remember it).
  • I caught myself asking ‘what was going on there’ more than once. And few games did it to me in these last months. The story, despite not being original, is great! Well written and well delivered, from the beginning to the end. I really cared for each one of the characters and wanted to understand their role in this intricate tale.
  • The gameplay is simple and intuitive. You may not take much time to understand how each command functions, but it will take some time to understand the right moment to use each one. Don’t be afraid to try.


  • As said before, the game has a remarkable story. But it’s a short one. If you’re a completionist and lost one of the collectables, you may want to replay the game to get 100% of the achievements. Otherwise, you may only want to play it again for a speed run or something like.
  • Some aspects in the story may not be suitable for all audiences. It’s better if you check the game before letting your kids play with it. Despite there’s few violence on animations, remember there’s people being murdered on this game.


  • Some character animations (specially your character) look a little weird. Like when Boone is running (or, actually, walking fast): it’s the same animation used when he’s walking slow, only on a faster pace.
  • Almost every time I was rushing from one room to another, the “open the door” command didn’t work. And I needed to get my character in the right position before trying it again. And it gets increasingly frustrating as you progress through the game.
  • There’re some small bugs or glitches, like when the character gets stuck in pillars or tables you came across inside the mansion. It’s important to state that it doesn’t diminishes the great work the developers did with this game.


 Score: 87% | Tequila Works and Cavalier Game Studios did an excellent job with this game! If you’re a fan of puzzle games, take it! If you’re a fan of adventure games, grab it! If you like a good story, with beautiful graphics and astonishing music, why haven’t you bought it yet? Go ahead and try The Sexy Brutale. It’s going to be a party you’ll never forget!