Wolfenstein 2 release party @ Comic Sans

Somewhere in a little place called Comic Sans was the Belgian release party for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. This fantastic geek-bar in Ghent aims to do more parties like this and I can only hope that they succeed. Read on to see images from the Wolfenstein mural, gifted by Bethesda and made by Matthew Dawn and interviews with gamers! 

Comic Sans!

First a little word about, in my opinion the best bar in Belgium, Comic Sans. We already did a venue-review in 2016 but to see the improvements and added details in 10 months is staggering.  Jeroen Baert, the owner did “marvel”ous work with his bar and I can only beg towards publishers and PR people to work together for more game release parties.  That said, be sure to check out the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront 2 release party on November 17!

Matthew Dawn’s Wolfenstein Mural!

Impressive! Matthew Dawn, a Graffiti Artist from Belgium, is a known artist with some excellent work. I was really excited to see what he would do with Wolfenstein. According to Matthew he worked around 40 hours on this piece of art, in all honesty it is beautiful. He can be proud for his work, and Comic Sans owner Jeroen can be even more proud. What other bar has this kind of awesome gaming related art?

Player Interviews!

LifeisXbox talked with Marco A and Tom VG about Wolfenstein 2, both have been playing the game for a while now and agreed that the storyline and visuals are great. Tom goes on and gives the first level as an example, it is the first time that he played this kind of setting and was really positively surprised. Another thing that makes Wolfenstein stand out is the Nazi-story and deep character background, Marco warns players for racist dialogue but this is what makes Wolfenstein unique. I can conclude that both players are very positive about the game, as you can read in LifeisXbox’s review too.

Learn more about Matthew Dawn! Click here for his official site

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