TOP 5 hardest Cuphead Bosses!

Cuphead has been a phenomenon with over one million confirmed sales and closing in on two million! Let us take a look at some of the hardest boss fights! Obviously > BOSS SPOILERS.

5) King Dice

Playing smart will make this boss a lot easier, you just need to remember to use the board in a good way. It is important to have enough health left when you reach FIN because the final King Dice section is almost impossible to finish without losing a health chunk. Overall this is an endurance fight, something that Cuphead only uses for this boss fight, making it a little bit more challenging because you aren’t used to play this way.

4) Beppi The Clown

This boss from world 2 was the first time I got a little stuck while playing Cuphead. This boss fight has many different waves with some confusing moments that take away chunks of health. Afterwards, when you know what the combat patterns are it is a little but more suitable to finish.

3) Rumor Honeybottoms

Phase 1 and 3 are pretty straight forward but jumping the platforms, dodging objects and bullets while trying to damage the bee queen is very challenging.

2) Dr. Kahl’s Robot

I think I died hundreds of times, trying to dodge all the incoming fire. It slows down a little, if you manage to get passed the hardest first part, in phase 2 and ends with bullet hell straight out of a Shmup-game.  I was glad that this robot was finally defeated.

1) The Devil

Lots of different attacks, four waves and big impressive hectic set pieces make the last boss, the devil very unpredictable and extremely challenging.  Good luck facing him and congrats if you have beaten Cuphead!