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Super Lucky’s Tale review

Super Lucky’s Tale

With a controversial reveal Super Lucky’s Tale was met with quite some disappointment because people first thought it was Conker. After playing it, I can say that Super Lucky’s Tale can hold his own and is a lovely experience for all ages. I would even go so far and say that Xbox has a new colorful mascot. 

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Sunset Overdrive review

Sunset Overdrive is a new IP for Xbox One from the talented developer Insomniac, the guys that made Resistance and Ratchet and Clank on Playstation. It features a big colorful open world in a third person perspective. The game is brilliant and is still my favorite game on the system. Check out why in this review from Sunset Overdrive!

LifeisXbox wil be reviewing every Xbox One exclusive that came out before the launch of this website, Sunset Overdrive is part of that.
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Quantum Break review

For me personally, Quantum Break was one of the games why I bought an Xbox One. Developer Remedy always brings something special to the table and with the time breaking Quantum Break they released another masterpiece. Check out this review on why you should buy this game immediately.

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