Eyes on the Week (13th-17th May)

Eyes on the Week (13th-17th May)

It’s time to look back on the week we’ve just had! What did the weekdays look like for our writers? What was the biggest news from the week? and what are we looking forward to playing during the upcoming weekend? Our Eyes on the Week article will answer all three of these questions!

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Another week of playing Overwatch 2 was how my week panned out as I’m still completely addicted to it. I decided to learn another support, Baptiste, and it’s been pretty successful so far. I don’t think I will be learning any more new ones from now on though as I’m content with my roster: Illari, Moira, Kiriko, Baptiste, Ana (occasionally), and Zenyatta (Also occasionally).

In other news, I have found and rekindled my love of creating art again after not being in touch with it since I earned my Extended Diploma in Graphic Design back in college over ten years ago! It’s something which I’m extremely passionate about and want to give vast amounts of attention to so watch this space; hopefully, something positive can come out of my creative side!

Most interesting news of this week: Other than my creative side coming to life again, GTA VI has been given a 2025 release window and I’m pretty excited to see Immortals of Aveum on Xbox Games Pass.

Looking forward to playing: Overwatch 2 and the new Chaos Modifier in Dead by Daylight.


Extremely busy weeks here with work. Doing 10-13h days every single day. still found some time to play games, but very little.

Mostly kept doing the daily tidy for A Little To The Left, since I’m getting close to the final achievements, I really don’t want to mess up.

Also, I played about 1-2 rounds per day of Screenplay CCG, the card game I’m helping out with PR but that I kind of got addicted to myself.

And at night, just before bed, I keep telling myself to beat some big RPGs I still need to finish, but instead always end up playing a few rounds of Balatro[Check my Review]

Most interesting news of this week: A bit of a personal share, but I’m very excited to work on the PR of SCHiM, a game I’ve been following on social media for years ^^

Looking forward to playing: Broken record here, but I really want to get on with FF7R but never get around to it.


It’s been a fairly routine week for me in gaming for me this time around. I’ve played more Another Crab’s Treasure going from location to location on the big treasure hunt. I’m still absolutely in love with it, but the combat got me wanting to start an Elden Ring run for the DLC that’s coming.
So that’s exactly what I did! After doing an Int/Dex build first, a Faith build second and halfway through an occult build, I opted for a run as a sorcerer this time around. I’d heard casters have it easy in Elden Ring, but I didn’t think it’d be that powerful. And I’ve only just begun. I’ll be unstoppable with some decent spells and gear.

Back in Eorzea I’ve gotten started on a concise effort to gather the 312 triple triad cards required for the card mount. I already had a lot from playing Final Fantasy XIV since 2022, so with 208 of them already in the bag, the hard part of this long road is about to begin. I don’t think I’ll get all of them before the Dawntrail release at the end of next month, but that’ll keep me busy.

Speaking of keeping me busy, Honkai Star Rail has settled in for its daily farming of upgrade materials and gear as I wait for the next bits of the main story and future banners. And since Harmony Trailblazer now has all her traces (skills and passives) fully upgraded I can pour my efforts into unlocking the Eidolons for even more benefits. I think this might even see me occupied until the 2.3 update.

Most interesting news of this week: This was a bit too hot off the press last week, but ANIMAL WELL, Bigmode’s first published title, has been received overwhelmingly positive. Congratulations to the developer, but also to videogamedunkey and Bigmode for publishing.

Looking forward to playing: Attempts continue to be made to gather my friends and continue our adventure through Rivellon in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


I’ve played some more Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and I believe it won’t be long before I finish the adventure mode since I have more than 26 hours of playtime. Overwatch 2 stayed in my gaming routine as well, though I played a single Competitive match and a lot of the Mystery Heroes game mode again.

I’m still playing at least one match a night of Dead by Daylight. I’m trying to unlock most killer perks for all killers, not sure if I’ll do it with every one of them, but I’ve done with quite a few already.
I’ve also played a bit of Biomutant and it’s been pretty interesting so far.

Most interesting news of this week: Hi-fi Rush getting reverse review bombed after the Tango Gameworks closure.

Looking forward to playing: More Dead by Daylight, Overwatch 2, Biomutant, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate.


I have been playing a lot of Paper Trail which is such a unique and beautiful puzzle game. I was blown away by how easy the controls are but how complex the puzzles will get later on. Folding the paper in such a way to create a new pathway is such a lovely thing and this one is so well made!

And another game I have put many many hours into this week is Little-Known Galaxy, such a lovely sim life game where you’re the captain of a spaceship. Your job is to keep the people on the ship happy as well as explore the planet you’re orbiting around. Upgrading your gear to be better at the little tasks is such an addictive trait in video games and Little-Known Galaxy does a great job with that specific part while it also looks so stunning. So much eye for detail, like a computer being plugged in or a well-placed poster in the medical bay. My favourite detail is the charger for a huge robot bunny of one of the people who live on the spaceship.

Most interesting news of this week: Microsoft… Playstation.. but we all know about those 2 and the weird things they are doing atm, right? I’m also shocked by the many Layoffs at Phoenix Labs (the development company of Fae Farm). That game has a lot of positive reviews that it looks to me like a huge success. And then laying off so many people and even cancelling a game that was weeks away from launching in Early Access.

Looking forward to playing: Many more hours of Well-Known Galaxy!


I haven’t mentioned this before, but for a few weeks now I’ve been attending a programming course, Python! While I’m still very early on, I have been putting quite a bit of time into learning and writing the exercises. I’ve always heard that the best way to learn this stuff is to do lots of practice, so I’m giving it my best shot.

But you aren’t here for this nerd stuff, you want to hear about games! Sadly not much to report on that front. My time went to Noita, as I needed something that I could jump in and out of easily in the sporadic moments of free time that I had. I haven’t found any new busted wand combinations, but I also got quite unlucky with the available spell drops. I keep my fingers crossed!

Most interesting news of this week: So let’s recap… Battlestate Games, of Escape from Tarkov fame, made a very bad move. Microsoft then made several bad moves. Sony followed suit with bad moves regarding Helldivers 2 and PSN accounts. Bethesda made bad moves with the ‘next gen’ update for Fallout 4 breaking basically every mod in the midst of the success of the Fallout TV series… Is there a competition for the most self-destructive and dumb move this month? It infuriates me to know that the bottom of the ladders are the ones who will pay the price for the decisions of those at the top in the end (some are already paying it coughMicrosoftcough.)

Looking forward to playing: Maybe Great Ace Attorney this week? Some more Noita would be sweet.


This week I’ve been playing Hidden Cats in New York which is a really relaxing zen like game and I’ve enjoyed it so much that I picked up a few of the other ones in the series too. I’ve also been back playing Forza Horizon 5 briefly and I still get that wow factor every time I play it, just looks incredible.

I also completed my playthrough of Harold Halibut and played some games of Apex Legends too.

Most interesting news of this week: Ubisoft’s free-to-play shooter The Division Heartland cancelled three years after being announced.

Looking forward to playing: Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 finally launches in a few days and I would like to give Immortals of Aveum a go too.