Forza Horizon 4: LEGO Speed Champions

Forza Horizon 4: LEGO Speed Champions

Back in September 2018, we gave Forza Horizon 4 a perfect score. (read it here) At E3 2019 Playground announced something that nobody saw coming… a LEGO expansion! While wacky and crazy was already done with the Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels DLC. Things get even more original with this new LEGO concept! By the way, did anyone catch that freaking awesome full-scale LEGO McLaren Senna? Can you imagine having that thing with nearly half a million bricks in your (big) gaming room?

What’s new in this DLC?

  • A new LEGO Valley environment (112 roads in total)
  • Three LEGO cars: McLaren Senna, Ferrari F40and 1967 Mini Cooper S Rally.
  • New Brick challenges
  • 500 Gamerscore

Why should you buy it?

  • LEGO-themed world: Does this look beautiful! Forza Horizon 4 was always one of the visually memorable games but seeing the LEGO parts make it even more colorful and impressive. The big City or pirate themed coast are so memorable that your eyes almost fall out, boosting through LEGO cows or sheep, flying saucers that fly above you and so much more… We knew that developer Playground Games could make fantastic worlds but they really out-did themselves with this!
  • Something really different: I loved the previous downloadable content (Fortune Island) but it was mostly the same as the base game. This time Playground delivers something entirely fresh and out-of-the-box. Perfect for racing fans and especially for inviting new players, for example, kids into the Forza world!
  • A lot of content for €20: I would gladly pay more money for this, collecting 12,500 bricks by doing every race and challenge takes many hours of pure gameplay joy. With the variation in visuals, different mini-games and types of races you’ll never become bored. And look at it at the bright side, when you let your kid play this you won’t step into a LEGO brick.. we all know how painful that is!

Reasons to ignore it?

  • Some missed opportunities: I really don’t want to write anything negative about LEGO Speed Champions but I did start to see a few things that could have been done better… or more awesome. LEGO is all about building stuff, right? It is a shame that you can’t “make” your own cars with bricks. You only collect bricks with the challenges but besides getting rewards for it you don’t actually make something with it. Another thing is that the LEGO-themed world isn’t entirely made in LEGO, the mix between real life and our childhood memories doesn’t always make sense. You still have many real-life trees or backgrounds. It might have been things too much for a €20 expansion. That said, I’m still fully impressed by everything they did!
  • Ruins the realism: This point exists thank to a friend, it wasn’t something I discovered while playing but I fully agree with him. LEGO-cars also show up while playing online in the main game, totally ruining the realism for gamers that don’t want the unrealistic LEGO stuff. While Horizon never was about realism I still understand that seeing these brick cars destroys immersion. Playground Games should have kept the two separated. Worst of all, even people who don’t have the downloadable content will see the LEGO cars pop up.


87% | There is not a single reason why you shouldn’t own Forza Horizon 4. I understand that this LEGO Speed Champions experience isn’t something for you if you don’t enjoy the colorful and playful visuals but Playground Games delivered quite simply the best LEGO-experience you can find in video games.