Xenoraid review

Review Xenoraid | You know, I’m a fan from the 10tons studio! With Azkend, Neon Chrome and Sparkle they have brought multiple games that bring new fun genres for Xbox One. So I was naturally looking forward for Xenoraid. Saying it left me with a sour taste is wrong but it did disappoint me a little, it’s fun but is missing some stuff to escape the average label. Found out why in this review!


  • Equipping your team and managing your income is a real important strategical gameplay factor from Xenoraid. Learning from your failures and knowing when to upgrade something is super important. Not having enough money in the long run is what will kill you most of the times.  Unlike most Roguelike games Xenoraid is nowhere near frustrating, for me it was a relief to finally have a perfectly balanced game with Roguelike gameplay elements.
  • Strategic play is the key for playing this game, not only upgrading at the right time but knowing what battleship to use against some enemies is important too.  Every ship is useful even if it isn’t really obvious at first. This is something I really loved while playing Xenoraid, learning how to use every ship and beating the enemy with my new-found knowledge.
  • Like many other Xbox One indie-games but especially with Xenoraid you need to give it some time to really like it. The start will likely scare many gamers, you can read more about the weak graphics and sound at the bad but one thing that really stand up after a while is the pretty good gameplay. You can actually compare it a little with asteroids, enemies come from above and you need to shoot them before they hurt you. The genre is ancient but 10Tons added some tactical factors that really make the game fun to play.

Mixed Feelings

  • After reaching stage four or even stage three the repetitive, but fun gameplay becomes a little bit rusted. Personally I don’t really mind repetitive gameplay but I know for a fact that some readers will lose interest pretty fast. So please be aware that things do get repetitive after a while.


  • Xenoraid looks and feels a little weak, readers that know me are well aware that I don’t mind playing games that look a little outdated. The thing I want from games is a little bit original content and that’s what I’m missing in Xenoraid. For example the bland backgrounds, 10Tons could have done so much more with it. The same can be said about the battleships, nothing really strikingly original. Even the cartoon-like cut scenes don’t really strike out.

Score: 63% | This is the first time that 10Tons disappointed me a little, don’t get me wrong Xenoraid is a good and fun game but I expected more.  The gameplay is pretty fine but the overall package looks and feels a little outdated and weak. I can still recommend it for twin-stick shooter fans or for people who are new to the genre.