Wolfenstein: The Old Blood review


Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Score: 79/100


The summary and good & bad after the break!

If you liked Wolfenstein: The New Order you can buy The Old Blood immediately, especially for the budget price of 20 Dollar/Euro. Developer MachineGames put Wolfenstein back on the shooter map with excellent stealth and action gameplay.  Without spoiling much, the second episode introduces a new enemy and it changes everything, in a very good way. I was really impressed with this brand new gameplay mechanic. In short, if you don’t mind a short but great experience, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is something for you.

The Good

  • You can play this without spoiling Wolfenstein: The New Order, this makes it the perfect cheap trial if your doubting for buying it.
  • Perfect gameplay mix with stealth and shooter gameplay
  • The atmosphere makes the game stand out

The Bad

  • Story and narrative is disappointing when you played the previous Wolfenstein from Machinehead.
  • Short, even with cheaper price tag

Buy this if you like: Killing Nazi-soldiers, stealth gameplay or the previous Wolfenstein: The New Order.

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