Slice Zombies review


Slice Zombies

Score: 71/100


The summary and good & bad after the break!


Slow but surely Kinect for Xbox One is getting more and more games, I say this with the biggest respect but Slice Zombies is a (good) Fruit Ninja Kinect clone, with a twist. No fruit but we welcome funny looking zombies. It’s a little repetitive but all the new items and gameplay features that are added the more you play is a nice design.  To add, it’s MADE GmbH first Xbox One game and I hope more will follow.

The Good

  • Kinect tracking is spot on
  • Perfect for long and short sessions
  • New content is unlocked everytime you level up, you can buy it with the coins you earn.
  • Funny zombie design inspired by other games. (Mario, etc..)

The Bad

  • Can become repetitive
  • Just one game mode
  • Sound is very basic

Buy this if you like: Fruit Ninja Kinect, working out, easy achievements

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