What did you and we play this weekend?

What did you and we play this weekend?

Be sure to let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram what YOU played! For now, here are a few LifeisXbox writers to tell you about their weekend.

Dae Jim:

Maui: Started off my weekend by playing Wild West Crops, a retro style mini metroidvania game that was recently released. I’m having the best time, even though I’m stuck at the second boss who’s ass I can’t seem to beat! On Saturday, there was a Pokémon Go event that I participated in and that took pretty much all day. Ended my weekend by playing AnShi, which is releasing today! You’ll see my review coming up this evening!

Robby: I started a few new games last week which I tried to complete this weekend. First off is Knight’s Retreat, a puzzle game where you have to help your Knight chess piece(s) escape, sticking to the move ruleset for chess. It’s an interesting variation, but not something to binge on, a few puzzles in a row is the maximum I can endure.I also tried to get the remaining achievements in Effie, a 3D action-adventure that draws inspiration from Jak & Daxter and Maximo. It showed a lot of potential, especially with the fun an gorgeous land-surfing ability, but most of the game fell flat because it was not doing anything interesting with the combat or platforming + the xbox port is riddled with bugs.

Mikachu: Started my weekend by playing a review game called: Celestial Hearts. Its an awesome game but I must say it has its flaws, check the review soon to know whats up! Of course I watched a lot of the Blizzard event, kinda shitty there was barely any news about Overwatch 2 . But the Cinematics they made where on point like always. And then, of course, the cosplays! wauw, loved it. The rest of the weekend I played Overwatch with Xen, Im learning to dps! At the moment im learning Echo and Ashe with a little Mei and i love seeing that im getting better, slowly. 

Vicci: Managed to have a very productive weekend of gaming! I’ve been working on my gamerscore again. I’ve played Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut which was mainly to boost my gamerscore but I enjoyed the puzzle element greatly. Shame the last achievements are purely gained from redoing levels multiple times for in-game coins to purchase ‘gorepacks’. Playing SMITE to take advantage of the double XP before the release of Tiamat next week. Played a variety of modes which was a enjoyable change of pace. Finally, but certainly not last, I started Control and what a game it’s been so far. I’m super intrigued as to where the story is going and getting deeper into the gaming aspects as I’m still learning.

Xendacine: I had an amazing weekend I must say, I spent some time remodeling my server to perform way better! And oh it sure does! For the remainder of the weekend, I played overwatch with Mikachu. I became a Torb Enthusiast after watching a single video from KarQ. And Michelle also took the time to play a heap load of Echo! We had an absolute blast. We finished our day by watching a little bit of Baby Driver, and Amerika’s got Talent.

Rafael: Payed some more of Unturned (review incoming this week) but it doesn’t matter what region I try to play it, the game servers are empty (or almost). Played some Aces of Luftwaffe (an interesting and challenging shmup) and Blade Kitten (am old Xbox live arcade game). Besides gaming, finished the Terminator series of movies with Genesis and Dark Fate (loved then both, don’t know why people complained so much about them) and started Castlevania on Netflix. One word for it: amazing

Alexis: Played some Active Neurons 3, absolutely gorgeous little puzzle game! Then started Anodyne 2, damn thats a weird game! And finished off the weekend with some Jackbox Party Games with the family!