Preview | Snowtopia: Ski Resort Tycoon

Preview | Snowtopia: Ski Resort Tycoon

Unfortunately, due to covid, most winter sports are canceled. Luckily, TeaForTwo brought the snowy mountains to us with their release of Snowtopia: Ski Resort Tycoon. As you might have guessed already, when playing Snowtopia, it’s your goal to build the ultimate ski-resort. At the moment the game is available in Early Access so it’s getting updated regularly.

State of the game

Like I have mentioned in the intro already, the game is currently in Early Acces on Steam. And where some games might totally suck when they get released into Early Access, Snowtopia gives you a feeling that the game is nearly finished already.

While playing the game, it’s your goal to build the ultimate ski-resort. You have to build all kinds of lifts to get your guests up the mountain, put some little restaurants on the top as well, and then most important, the slope downhill back to the hotel. But it’s not just that. You will also need a mechanic who can repair the different lifts or a groomer who clears your slope once in a while, and at some point, you will also need a medic to heal the skiers who have crashed and are injured. Where you might start with a lot of options already, you can unlock a lot more through research, make your lifts get higher, or unlock special ability’s for your mechanic, you can choose freely of what you want to upgrade next.

Now you might ask ‘so what’s the problem, everything sounds finished already?’ Well, maybe it does but Snowtopia could definitely use some more tweaks. For one, sometimes the developers didn’t add the right text yet, and that kind of thing. But personally, I think they should make the game more challenging. Yes, you can pick between a couple of mountainsides to start your game, and of course, you want to get a 5* rating for your resort. But after a while, it might get kinda boring doing the same thing over and over again without a clear goal.

Final thoughts

If you love tycoon kinda games where you have to build your own stuff, you should definitely check out Snowtopia. TeaForTwo is doing the right thing creating this new gem. You can currently pick this game up on Steam for € 20,99. To be honest, at this point might be a bit too much for it but when the game leaves Early Acces, it should be definitely worth it.