Venue-review Café Comic Sans (Ghent)

Comic Sans | We normally don’t post venue reviews but by pure luck we found a great bar in Ghent with a superhero-theme and… Xbox consoles! What makes it a great place for meeting friends or trying out new Xbox One games.

Location:  Klein Turkije 8, Ghent 9000, Belgium

Owner Jeroen has made a perfect meeting place for gaming and comic fans, I had a great night drinking Butterbeer from Harry Potter and Star Wars cocktails. With some impressive themed walls and collectors items you really feel and notice the love from the owner to create something truly special.


It didn’t take long before I noticed a gaming corner with four Xbox One consoles, pretty rare to see this choice in Belgium. But what a great surprise! All the multiplayer favorites are available and they also had quite a few new games so you can, for example try them out before you buy it for yourself. While drinking my Butterbeers a few people were playing Fifa 17, Rocket League and Xenoverse 2. Important to know is that the gaming corner is split from the bar, so gamers won’t be distracted while playing. People can see the television screens though, creating some kind of real life Twitch.

Gaming not really your thing? (Why on Earth are you on LifeisXbox, if that’s the case?) No worries, you can play on a great selection of pinball tables, a classic Pac-Man arcade machine or a table football. And all that with a great selection of rock-music.


  • The Superhero theme works perfectly, the big wall with Marvel characters look great and each corner has something unique. A Batman light, Batman mirrors in the toilets, Collectors items from the gaming and comic world.
  • Comic Sans holds themed events, for example Harry Potter and Star Wars. From the looks of it they are trying to do one each month.
  • You can spend hours on the different pinball machines. I had a go with the Iron Man table and got depressed with the high score on it ^^ It’s great to see a few classics, playing a real pinball with all the lights and vibrations remains an epic feeling.
  • A perfect place to meet with friends and hold a gaming night on Xbox.
  • Great music selection, Queen of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Volbeat… it’s nice to sit in a bar that doesn’t go with the typical electronic music.


  • The entrance isn’t really welcoming, a dark tunnel with some decoration and hard to find  for bypassing tourists.
  • The place looks great but doesn’t feel finished.
  • Prices for cocktails are pretty normal (€7) but regular drinks are a little bit pricey. I gladly pay them for the concept though, but still…