Typoman: Revised Review

Review Typoman: Revised | You could argue about it but the most powerful thing in the world aren’t atomic bombs, but words that send the destruction. For some reason I have a weakness for games that use words in an original way, great example is Letterquest. Now another game on Xbox One uses the making words mechanic to bring a unique platforming experience. Read more about it in this Typoman: Revised review!


  • Typoman’s introduction level is one of the most intriguing, original and fascinating things that I have played in a while, it immediately captures your attention and creates something positively different. After the introduction things slow down a little but it remains a fresh platforming experience with some neat ideas.
  • Typoman’s art style is really something, take the playable character for example, made by the letters ROEH. Throughout the 2D levels you frequently come across words that are part of the world. It’s such a wonderful well executed idea that makes the game stand out.  It’s a little dark but it uses color well to make the level feel more alive and kicking. Did you notice that the letters spelled hero? One of the most memorable moments for me was something so plain that it totally shows the clever design from developer Brainseed Factory, simply the letters grab on ropes, you will have to jump them Tarzan-wise. It makes a basic platform section unforgettable.
  • You won’t be playing anything innovative platforming wise but the clever idea that makes Typoman special is finding words with letters found in the level to open up gates or making something happen. It comes with some challenging puzzles, for example: Making the word “gasp” while surrounded by poison gas to breath. I have to be honest and admit that I used the internet to solve some puzzles, most of the puzzles are incredible well found but very difficult to solve.
  • The story is told with collectibles, you’ll need to find quotation marks that tell an interesting little story. It’s a good thing that the game has hidden items, you will pay even more attention to the beautiful level design. Most of them aren’t difficult to find but you have a few bastards that are hard to find!

Mixed Feelings

  • People that don’t speak or understand English will not be able to play this game. If you can understand this review you will enjoy the game 😉


  • It’s a big shame that the game is over before you know it, just like INSIDE the game is superb and you don’t want to see the ending credits, after three or four hours the game is over. You are left with wanting more. It has mini games to make the game a little bit more lasting but it couldn’t really grab my attention for long.
  • I have something against deaths that you don’t see coming, and Typoman has a few of those. You first have to die before you know a danger is right around the corner, luckily the checkpoints solve any frustration but it still happens a lot for it to become annoying.

Score: 85% | Typoman: Revised is a creative and original experience from the lovely talented developer Brainseed Factory. They have truly made something special and intriguing.