The three highlights from the Xbox Briefing

We have slept on it and now we write about our three highlights from the Xbox briefing. Take a look at the three highlights from Dae Jim, Patrick and Rafael.

Dae Jim

Third party support for Xbox One X,¬†I have to be honest and say that the first party from Microsoft isn’t really giving much reason to buy this new 4K monster. Forza¬† Motorsport7 looks pretty great¬†but State of Decay 2 and Crackdown 3 doesn’t look that impressive. Luckily for Microsoft the greatness comes from Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed Origins) Deep Silver (Metro: Exodus) and EA (Anthem) to name a few. ¬†

Ori and the Will of the Wisps, with a great opening from the composer from this game (piano play) he immediately set the mood that this game deserves. Ori and the Blind Forest looks great and this new sequel looks even better. How freaking impressive and one of the greatest highlights of the entire E3 2017 show. 

For the first time in many years I saw some games that I wasn’t expecting to see at a Microsoft briefing. Unexpected games like Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Code Vein, Life is Strange: Before the Storm and the Xbox exclusive Super Lucky’s Tale. More than ever, it was a real celebration of all kinds of games.


Well, the obvious favourite part is the centrepiece of the show, of course, the Xbox One X. I love the looks and size. Excited if we actually do get that worldwide launch and not a repeat debacle as with the Xbox One where I got my Day 1 preorder 10 months after my American friends. The price is definitely premium, but as expected, though I was secretly hoping for 450. This is purely a luxury item that many may want but nobody really needs as you can still play all the game on the One and One S.

Next up would be Anthem. There’s still a lot that we do not know but I totally love the settings and the visuals. The environments shown were incredible. People will compare it to Destiny, but I feel this will offer its own distinct experience when it hits the console.

Finally, I’d have to say Crackdown 3. With all the dark and gritty games we get all the time, a colourful over the top spectacle like Crackdown is a good counter balance for that. Releasing the same day as the One X, this will be a good game to pick up together with your new console.

Of course, this briefing was so packed, only getting to mention 3 highlights feels unfair. Forza¬† Motorsport 7, Metro Exodus, Player Unkown’s Battlegrounds, Minecraft going cross-platform, Sea of Thieves, Ori and backwards compatibility including the OG Xbox? It’s a good time to be an Xbox gamer.


Xbox One X, ¬†everybody was waiting for it! And they didn’t disappoint me. I just wanted to see more in-game content/gameplay to see all that difference. So far, I’m not impressed. I left the hype train a long time ago. I’ll wait to see what it really is capable of…

Next: indie games! It’s good to see we have a lot of these small pieces of art coming soon to the platform. Ori 2, The Last Night, Ashen (although this last one has already been announced). And I’m sure many more will come‚Äč!

Now, for the third topic, I’m between Sea of Thieves and Forza… But I’m sticking to Rare’s, since there was nothing but some short teasers of Forza. And Sea looks really funny to play with friends! At least, the video was..