The Sun and Moon Review

Review The Sun and Moon | I don’t shy away from difficult shmup or platform games, retrying a specific part over and over again is second nature for me. The Sun and Moon raises it to the next level though, this is by far the hardest game I ever played. Read the review if that’s a good or bad thing. 


  • Like I said in the intro, The Sun and Moon is the hardest game I ever played and that’s a good thing. Lately all games are a piece of cake and lacking any sort of challenge. You’ll be spending hours and hours just to speedlevel one level below a seemingly impossible low time. As you begin to understand the mechanics and the level design The Sun and Moon becomes one of the greatest games for hardcore gamers that like to go for speedrunning high scores.
  • It’s crazy that in 2017  games still come out with  new and great working gameplay mechanics. You can dig yourself in the ground and use the gravity for upwards momentum. It sounds easy but it requires ultra precision, timing and skill and best of all, it makes the gameplay addictive and fun.
  • To make things even more difficult developer Daniel Linssen decided to  add some boss levels too, things weren’t hard enough it seems, so you have a bad guy following you.  It’s a real adrenaline feeling to finally finish a level, and bosses only increase that.
  • Navigating the hundred and more levels is a breeze with the very handy level select screen. You have to unlock levels but you can go your own way. I also got a proud feeling seeing more and more levels on the screen, finishing a level isn’t an easy task and it’s very fulfilling to make some progression.

Mixed Feelings

  • Basic colorful backgrounds and objects that seem to be made by Microsoft’s Paint, that’s all you can expect from the visuals. It’s a little disappointing but at the same time things are very clear this way and it’s easier to make split-second decisions.


  • You can’t pause the game, I have no clue why but for some reason the developer left out a pause button. I’ll be the first to agree that the levels are pretty short but still, sometimes things happen beyond your control, that you need to pause the game. It’s very frustrating to lose your progress every time your dog asks for attention or when you’re getting a text message.

Score: 82% | The Sun and Moon is a splendid platform game that is crazy difficult and addictive. The gameplay and controls feel right and making progress is really fulfilling. This is simply a must have game for speedrunners and gamers that like a great challenge.