The Bridge review

Are you one of the 500.000 Steam or Xbox 360 gamers that bought the game? You can call it a small success when puzzle indie-games reach so many people. Not one of them?  Luckily you can now buy it on Xbox One too!

— Seeing things in a different perspective can improve your life

How hard can a 2D get from point A to B platform game be? That depends on what perspective you use to solve it. You control the character but more importantly you can also move the world in a full 360 degrees. The game uses confusing and mindblowing tricks for the 24 excellent designed puzzles that will give you 4-6 hours gameplay, depending if you get stuck or not. And trust me, being stuck will happen multiple times. You’ll do lots of experimenting and sometimes solve a puzzle by accident, It’s kind of a funny thing when you don’t notice that you solved it. The Bridge features an incredible beautiful hand-drawn look that makes it stand out from others in the genre. If you can handle being stuck and searching for that correct way to solve something than The Bridge is really a puzzle game for you.


  • That triumph feeling for solving a hard puzzle is priceless
  • Hard-drawn graphics style is unique and easy on the eyes
  • Replay value with the Mirror Mode
  • Great balancing difficulty for Puzzle-genre lovers
  • Rotating the world is a real fun experience


  • Not everyone will enjoy the difficulty
  • Music and sound could have been better
Score: 87/100

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