Technomancer Review

Technomancer review! | Right from the beginning The Technomancer feels like Mass Effect, with a few different mechanics that gives it a little more personality.  While it can never match Commander Shepard’s story and gameplay it can still be a game that gamers will enjoy.  Check out the review for The Technomancer to find out more!


  • You get thrown into a deep and complex story that manages to stay interesting. Sure its a little bit cliché but it never gets boring.
  • I loved the mysterious and big environments with lots of attention to detail. It uses the same fast travel system as Final Fantasy, giving you a false open world feeling, I didn’t mind that though. Most likely because of the great atmospheres and art design that most places have. With big differences between each location.
  • The Technomancer has one of the most fun combat systems in a RPG game, always giving you the option for switching between multiple battle stances. Calling it hard is an understatement, you will have difficulties overcoming enemies, especially on the brutal highest difficulty.


  • Beautiful lighting system, bringing some parts of the world to life. The outside locations really benefit from this, making up for the otherwise disappointing graphics and animations.
  • Companions bring some depth and tactics to the combat but most of the times you use them as bait. Unlike the game suggests you won’t be healing your fighting help, you let them die, run away and wait until they are recovered. Breaking some of the realism. The good thing about the companions is the fun karma system that changes how you play the game and the inventory sharing that you need to do. Making it more fun when you find gear, you’ll spend quite some time in inventory systems so be aware of that before you buy the game.


  • Besides the odd few weird dialogue sentences it’s painful to hear how the voice actors mess up the pretty good storytelling. Even the voice from the main character, Zachariah is below expectations.
  • Unnecessary backtracking and many errand-quests that force you to travel (by foot) from point A to B and back! Making some quest boring and feel like game filler. And guess what! Enemies respawn too, forcing you once again to battle them.


Score: 70% | The Technomancer is stuck between good and bad, some parts are brilliant while other stuff is simply bad. The combat system is top notch but crumbles when you experience the multiple forced backtracking enemy encounters. Motivation to continue playing will come from the good story but the bad voice acting hurts it in the long run. 

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